Spare Level 50 Ghast Call

Hello guys, if anyone has a spare level 50 Ghast Call they could give me it would be super appreciated, a cloning or vindicative would be awesome but any would be fine, thank you.

My PSN is Disturbed-247-

If you have a scourge rocket laucher i can give you a roided or cloning ghast call

Sorry for the late reply, been busy with irl stuff. Sorry, i’m afraid i dont have a scourge.

Still looking for 1 of these grenades if anyone would be kind enough to donate 1 haha, just a basic level 50 will do just fine. i only managed to get 1 of these grenades during play but it was while i was on a fresh character and it dropped at lvl 24 :cry: so its literally no good for level 50 stuff.

add fyqamor on psn, i’ll give you one

Sorry its took so long to reply, been crazy busy with irl family stuff. I have sent you a friend request fyqamor, much appreciated, thank you.

Hello, does your offer still stand for a Ghast Call grenade if i add you as a friend on Playstation, i’m sorry im replying so late to your post, had loads of stuff going on outside of the game so never had much of a chance to play the past week.

Add me I have a Vindicator…

Friend request sent, thank you.

Noizaram has kindly gifted me this grenade, thank you to all of the people that replied.