Spare OP10 Weapons?

Hi chums
Wondering if at this late stage anyone would be kind enough to trade or donate me a few OP10 weapons? I’ve played the game for about 7 years now and I’ve farmed every single variant of the SH, Pimpernel, Interfacer, Norfleet etc myself on several playthroughs. In the last few months I’ve struggled to reach OP10, solo and finally made it and I’m not playing BL3 until I’ve reset and played through every thing one more time with all my favourite toys. Seems a fitting way to send off 7 years of fun!

First of all I have a lot of level 80 weaspons I can trade however:

There’s a bunch of weapons I’m hoping to aquire such as any element but particularly fire of the SH (Flying), Interfacers, PImpernels and Norfleets. Plus a Fire Conference Call so I can farm Haderax. Oh and a slag transfusion or Magic Missile wouldn’t go amiss.

Make an old man happy?

Thanks in advance - HeavenlyOrphan6, XBox One S

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I have been belped by a very kind person from the internet.

Thankyou all for reading xxx