Sparks coming from Grinder, no longer functional?

Just opened my game and went to grind something and have sparks coming from it and it is locked open and no longer functional.

What in the world is up with that??

I have been at Level 60 in UVHM on my Wilhelm for over a month with my grinder in perfect order.

Sounds like the game bugged out and thinks you need to do the repair mission. Did you try restarting the game?

Have you done the mission for it to work? If not, do it. If you already have, then I have no clue.

Did the mission a long time ago…up to tonight.grinder working fine for the most part…minus the troubles after the latest patching…just drove on and played tonight…

Will restart the game tomorrow and if it doesn’t fix it…I will report back

Have you done the grinder mission in UVHM? In my game, the grinder stays functional once you have done the mission once ie if I do the mission in NVHM, the grinder is functional in TVHM and UVHM without redoing the mission. Maybe it has reverted to having to do the mission again?

Started a new account and found that even not doing it in NVHM, it’s functional in TVHM without doing the mission.

Correct, but at least in my experience it wasn´t possible to do a moonstone grind before doing the side mission.

Went back to game and same condition…grinder non functional.

Checked mission log and sure enough…the Grinder mission is open and not completed so I guess I will have to redo that mission again.

So odd…I had completed that mission in UVHM months ago

Well, look at it this way: It’s another shot at the Oxidizer :slight_smile:

Same thing happened to me with grinder.
But like @happyjack and @CDR_Shepard have said this happens alot in my games. When i first get to Concordia and I check the grinder is working, without even doing the mission in Uvhm. Even in TVHM it is working.Then it resets sometime later then I do mission…
But there were also on a couple characters I had to do missions each playthrough…
Apparent bug with grinder.