Spawning and fighting OP8 Vermiverous Solo

I decided to farm for a good OP8 Quasar…on my first run I ended up capturing this. :smile:

And here is the fight…


Awesome video! How’d you get the spawn rates so high? Difficulty slider? I’m very torn about the new update and have been delaying the download for this exact reason. I need a 'fleet!

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No sir! I wouldn’t even know where to begin on a “difficulty slider?” Can you do that on console? I’m on Xbox one and I am pretty sure that isn’t an option. So this is completely legit. just loaded up the game and did my farming run in OP8. I do this quite a bit as I am farming for a really nice longbow quasar with zero fuse time. I keep getting OP6 but I’m holding out for a really nice OP8. I have had Vermi spawn 4 times so far. I have received 2 norfleets. a legendary skin and a legendary grenade mod. can’t remember the nade at the moment. But its a blast. I get a lot of Tubby’s too. :slight_smile:

So I had a couple of friends jump in my game while I was farming the varkids. Ended up getting Vermi to spawn twice in a row, not at the same time(that would have been a pain to deal with). The net results of my efforts. Check this out… :wink:
This was the first to drop on the farming run…

and then I dealt with him again…
This was the 2nd to drop for me. :smiley: I was so excited to finally have them drop for me legit. I immediately tossed the versions that were given to me for the ones I found on my own. Not as good of stats, but it means so much more to me. I love my OWN gear. :blush:

edit: Actually, I have them backwards. the Slag Norfleet actually dropped first. Semantics…


That’s awesome! Super jealous! I agree with you on finding your own gear. I’m on OP 2 right now, just general question, how many times/when did you reset play thru on your way to OP8 to re-gear?

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@ionic14 thank you for your kind words. Much appreciated. :blush:

to answer your question, I have Maya at OP8 and Sal at OP8. I have reset both characters play through’s countless times. I use both characters to farm and collect for one another. using the locker to pass items that I think are better on them respectively. I just recently reset Sals play through to get all the achievements again on the xbox one. as well as play with a new build I discovered here in the forums. @Chuck80 Deputy Build for Sal is AMAZING! I have been having a blast with him again. different way to play sal, I love it!


Ironically enough this just happened…

Sorry for the quality. I almost crapped myself. First time spawning him in literally thousands of hrs of playing this game and he dropped… A blue grenade mod… Unless his “guaranteed” drop fell thru the world or out of bounds. I think I will tell myself that’s got to be what happened…


congrats on the spawn. sorry to hear about the “no drop”. that is painful :confounded:

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You said it :smile: – Can’t beat spawning the King of Borderlands 2 and getting your Norfleet shiny and new. I restarted scratch on the PS4 and only use what I pick up, and it feels good to be back in reality after having everything in the game almost perfect on the PS3.

As for the fight, that’s insane taking on Verm in OP8 like that, Sal has incredible survival. Nice one. Verm’s my fav boss in the whole game!!


I concur. I love getting Vermi to spawn. One of my favs as well. :blush:

The captured vid is my second time spawning Vermi. The first time I was very nervous. I didn’t know what gear to use so I just ran the Deputy Build and it works. :smile:

I remember pausing the game and sending invites to friends to help me destroy him. I thought I would need help. Turns out I can solo Vermi with @Chuck80 Deputy Build for Sal. Solid build to say the least.


LOL…I love that remark. I am right there with you. I was pretty nervous my first time. Actually, I have had him spawn about 5 times now. I still get a little nervous. He’s not an easy kill. It takes a while and I have to admit I started to feel the Jacobs cramp in my left trigger finger. LOL I actually started cycling my choice of finger on the trigger to mitigate the cramping. LOL first and middle finger usually. But that is only when fighting Vermi.

Edit: also get the jacobs cramp when running OP8 Digistruck Peak.

Lol I hear that!
I haven’t tried spawning him solo yet post patch. Curious as to how difficult it is to spawn him after his rates were buffed.
I’ve been grinding the peak lately and got OP4 last night.
Thinking about re-setting to upgrade mission rewards (Hawks and pimps) but will give him another go later and see if he shows.

it’s pretty good chance after the buff from my experience. Here’s the first time I spawned him in OP8. found this little clip. I didn’t capture the entire fight due to me not knowing how to capture more than a 30 sec. clip at that time. I started off with the Bee Sandhawk and quickly realized that did next to nothing. LOL then I tried the Boss Bekah from a far just to see if the distance would allow the pellets to split causing more damage, which did next to nothing as well. LOL so I just went back to the deputy build gear and took him on up close.

When getting him to spawn I entered FFYL while a UBA varkid podded up right in front of me. So, I had the choice of getting a second wind, or let the Supreme Bad Ass Pod reach maturity. :smile:

When I re-spawned he was off in the distance which is why I tried a couple choices of hard hitting gear.

the Nade that dropped was pretty lack luster for me. :persevere:
I didn’t realize it at the time, but I forgot to swap out my bee shield. it was down for almost the entire fight so it was pointless to have it on. LOL

nice, so about 5 mins to spawn him, I’m just real unlucky at this game, the frozen wrath skin took me 5 hours bro! :frowning:


it’s different for everyone. I used to be really into getting Vermi to spawn. I dedicated weekends to this. It was really fun. And so nerve racking when She finally did spawn. I ended up with Jakobs cramp due to me rocking the Deputy Build for Sal. good times! :acmaffirmative:

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hey bro, thanx for head, if u want those other heads skins back let me know or ill sell them or give them 2 someone else, wot I said was maybe you could use them see, to trade in the future rather then me just selling them, lol.

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sorry I had to bail for work. I rushed online to get the head from you and leave you the Kawaii killer head. thanks again. :blush:

ill be on later today while this free gold weekend is running, don’t get much time to play, that’s y I don’t subscribe. I have spare all jakobs bread docs n rustlers flayer, think I also have a texas if you like, I remember you saying you had a tediore sight one, lol. That’s disturbing! lol! also got a rustlers quad glitched 04l4 I believe, will have to dashboard though. you got any prac thinking’s n developments?

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i appreciate the offer. but that is what keeps me playing. waiting for my “perfect drop/grind.” if i accepted all hand outs, i would get bored quickly. Thanks again, but I’m good. :innocent: