Spawning Glitch or Bug or What?

The other day I was playing BL2 and made my first run through at the Dust and a couple of the spawn points didn’t yield a single enemy. I was wondering what was up that…

It happens. It may depend on exactly what route you took, as the spawns are triggered when you enter a specific zone; skirt the edge of the zone, and nothing gets triggered.

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I was running behind Ellie’s and was right in the center of the path.

Then that is indeed odd. Where you in Deception (Zer0) and/or specced/equipped for increased movement speed? That might do it - if you’re going fast enough, you can be past before the red dots show up.

Nope. I was playing as my Mechromancer and Death Trap was not active either. It happens quite frequently and only in that area.

I do know that sometimes I’m a long way past a spawn point, and then if I back up from the next area I’m being hit from behind all of a sudden. I think it’s just a bit glitchy along that gully system.

I’ve had that happen too. Sometimes it’ll fix itself if I fast travel and then return.

I wonder if it’s a side effect of the various random spawns on that map? I mean, in addition to the usual chubby/tubby and loot midget possibilities, you’ve got Gwen’s head box locations (each time you enter the map) and then the chance of the Black Queen taking a bow. Granted, that isn’t a lot of extra calculation in computer terms, but it does make me wonder if it doesn’t sometimes throw the game’s script system for a loop.

Don’t forget all the bandit vehicles and buzzards, then throw in the spiderant spawns in the outer area of the Dust as well as the Hodunks/Zafords that hang around Lybnchwood after you do Clan Wars…

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Was just thinking that. I learned that I have to clear out Bandit vehicles and buzzards as I go on my vehicle route, farming the Dust, or some spawns just don’t … well, they don’t SPAWN anything.

Having the caravan and its escorts on the map ALSO messes this up.

There’s apparently a limit to how many AI whatsits can be on the map at once, and if that limit is already full or near-full with stuff, then other stuff won’t spawn until something else despawns or dies, to make room. Sometimes I’ll get to one of those spawns, where THREE spiderants should pop out at once, and they’ll only come one at a time as I kill them.

Kind of a bummer.

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That makes sense. Sometimes too, the spawns will happen if I go straight to Gettle and Mobley then backtrack from there.

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Did you have 500+ Anarchy?

You might have broken the game, dude. :laughing:

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