Spawning Tripple O

What stages does a savage go thru before he becomes Triple O? I know a witch doctor needs to be involved- any kind in particular? And which part of the Sir Hammerlock dlc would be best to do it in- or would the Wam Bam Island location be faster?

Demon warrior. If he gets healed instead of leveling, this means he won’t become OOO.

Scylla’s Grove. Jump off the ledge from the fast travel down to the vendors and car station, go past a couple other enemy hovercrafts. There’s an area with three BA’s and a bunch of other enemies. Kill everyone but the witch doctors and the BA’s, they go from BA to super to ultimate, then they’ll either turn to triple o or just have hearts around their head. At that point kill them or reset.


Wait, I thought then turn into demon warriors?

One of the other enemies will, same with the triggermen, they have a different name when they level up.

Edit: just remembered, the savage warriors turn to demon.

SO will Badasses turn to demons, or will they turn into ulti as you said?

No, only the savages turn to demon. BA to super to ultimate to Triple O or ultimate with hearts around their head

Oh ok thanks.

It works like this: A Witch Doctor is “linked” to certain mobs and can only evolve/heal those. Assuming TVHM or UVHM, a Badass Savage will always evolve into a Super Badass Savage, a Super Badass Savage will always evolve into an Ultimate Badass Savage and an Ultimate Badass Savage has a very, very, very low change to evolve into Ohmd-Ohmd-Ohk. The drop rate for the Twister isn’t too bad (if that’s why you want to spawn him), but the chance for him to spawn is just SO BAD! It can take from hours to days unless you get lucky. Visiting Master Gee beforehand (just pull the lever to trick the game into thinking you have 4 players) makes the last evolution a lot more likely, so you should do that.

The fastest way I found was to do the Dexiduous spawn event, wave #3 contains 3 Badass Savages and 2 Super Badass Witch Doctors. See if OOO shows up, if not, travel (for example, by fanboat) to the exist to Candlerakk’s Crag and return. This should reset the Ultimate Badass Savages to Badass Savages. Repeat until you get lucky (or give up, whatever comes first).

With two players, you can maybe save time doing the same procedure in Low Gut Rot (the already mentioned area in the east of Scylla’s Grove), but have 1 player stay at the quick travel station. If OOO doesn’t show up, quick travel elsewhere, then return. You will only have to do the boat trip to Low Gut Rot, but not back. This doesn’t work on the Dexiduous event because that will reset the entire event (you will have to pay another 100 eridium and fight the first two waves again, so it’s not worth it).

One last thing: People speculated that maybe Low Gut Rot and the Dexiduous event might be the only possible places where he can spawn, that’s not true. I’ve also gotten lucky by meeting him once near the Acquired Taste borok and he can also spawn on Wam Bam Island.


Thanks- I’m Playing at OP8 and just finished the Sir Hammerlock dlc with Gaige, and the Twister is one of the few unique weapons that I don’t have. I haven’t (re)done the Capt Scarlett dlc yet with her so I’ll try it in single player first. I recall seeing a Youtube vid on how to span Dexi- I’ll have to look it up to find all of the spawn points (I can recall 2-3 off the top of my head).