Spawning vermi after latest update

so me and some friends have been trying to get vermi to spawn but we are lucky if we even get a ultimate badass . anyone got any tips on how to get these stupid varkids to evolve now that the gate trick doesn’t work anymore?

Have you ever used the trick to get the Varkids to fight the Crystalisks in Caustic Caverns. Whenever one of them doesn’t transform for a while, it is safe to kill it right then and there and draw another one in to the fight.

Also, the Hotfix should’ve boosted Vermi’s pop up rate in 1-3p.

we usually try for vermi at tundra express farm house. we get superbadasses pretty quick but rarely do we even get a ultimate let alone vermi. have not really messed about in caustc caverns much

One of the issues I find with the Tundra, is that some areas of “cover” will get the enemies to no longer lock on you. This will hinder the evolution process.

If you’d like to give it a shot;

Go to the Caustic Caverns, the moment you open the gate run through the Varkid swarm and get them to follow you towards the Caustic pools where the Crystals are. They’ll begin having a go at one another. You and your friends can simply run back. Every time a Varkid takes too long to go in to it’s next phase, kill it and draw the next spawn (which should take about 10 seconds to run at you after taking the place of it’s fallen comrade) towards the war.

To the best of my knowledge his spawn rate was only buffed for single player

either way they don’t seem to want to level above superbaddass

I thought that as well, but I began seeing way more UBA Varkids in 2p (since my Missus is always on with me).

I don’t like kiting them towards the Crystalisks.
I have a great fear that either they’ll kill a varkid that was definitely going to evolve into Vermi, or destroy Vermi’s morph pod…

Has that happened to you before mate? Maybe I’m super lucky.

To date, I’ve not had one take out a Larval.

No, thank God.

But it’s always in the forefront of my mind. It’s almost like a phobia!

I suppose it could happen though.