Spawning vermi the invincible

anyone got any tip /tricks to get the ultamite badass varkids to level up to vermi? a friend and I are trying to get vermi to spawn no luck yet tho when we get a ultamite every time but it wont evolve. also we are at the farmhouse in tundra express

If in UVHM, play at the highest OP level available to you. If possible, activate the 4 player trick after you are both already in the game.

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we are on op8 , we will try the 4 player trick if vermi doesn’t spawn this time around

the 4 player trick is pretty much needed. 100% of baby varkids will turn into adults. and the percents of changing are just much better. but the only downside being that he is a lot harder to kill in 4 player mode with just 2 people. that’s how I do it with my friend

ultimate badasses keep disappearing on us I don’t know if they are going out side the map or getting hit by the train or what

You can go to Caustic Caverns and make all the Varkids and the Crystalisks in the first area fight each other. You can pretty much sit back and watch your progress. Just make sure not to run too far off.

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I somehow read the title as "spermi the invincible "


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and his arch nemesis, blue bally

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