Speaking factor

Hi,im stuck doing the mission “speaking factor”(factor orador in spanish) and im having problems trying to get the next step. I already done the three task but anything happen for the next step…
Any ideas about how to solve it?

I don’t recall such a mission, make sure what exactly it is in english version of the game or give more details.

Not sure exactly of the translation myself but it takes place at the holy broadcast center
Also…mouthpiece is translated to Orador

I was thinking it might be the “Find a new mouthpiece” side quest!

In which case: after getting the three items needed, the player is supposed to go and deposit them in a box, after which they can regain access to the interior of the Holy Broadcast Centre.

I’ve see a couple of posts where the mission script has glitched out, though, with no clear objective and no ability to interact. To OP I would suggest trying to go back to the location where the mission was picked up originally, then head to the Centre and look for a drop location inside the main entrance.

yeah,“find a new mouthpiece”
I already done that and nothing happened…any other idea?

Unfortunately not - the few people I’ve seen post with the same problem have not been able to find a way to get the objective to show up. I think about the only way you’d be able to advance this is by dropping in to someone else’s session running the same mission at a point before picking up the third item.