Speaking of Gun Buffs, BUFF Binary Operator

This gun does absolutely nothing as is. I know the devs know this gun is worthless right now but I want to remind them.

Imo, that gun is really poor weapon design. If they made it work on m10/11 then it would just one shot everything and be just another broken weapon.

I think the weapon effect itself needs to be reworked somehow

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I totally agree with reworking

Rename Gun: Emperor

Make the red text: Fear leads to hate.

Critical hits chain electricity to other enemies for critical damage x2

Or totally destroys - hence the gimmick. It’s not my favorite gimmick at the moment because without being able to tell how close to “1” it’s hitting, where I could say I just need to add a tiny bit more damage and I’ll be there (couple more stacks, an amp shield, a relic, whatever) or it’s too far from 1 at this difficulty level for me to comfortably throw enough damage at it for a kill (so I’ll table it or step down a couple levels), it’s on the back burner for me.

This testing will have to be done blindly/empirically… like I’ll start using it with Mayhem off on various critters and go up levels until it stops working. Then I’ll add different skill/gear buffs and see how far that carries it until it’s at a comfortable kill ratio.

As a user of everything made with red text on it, I’ve got way more fun/easier-to-figure-out weapons in my queue for experimentation in front of this.

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All they could do to it is give it’s effect mayhem scaling, however there still needs to be the balance where it can take out trash mobs but then being able to take on badass enemies when skills and passives.

However this would probably need a patch and for gearbox to hire testers. Too much mayhem scaling, it will decimate but too little and they have not achieved anything.

A good change for binary operator is just to have crazy critical damage on non boss mobs and regular damage on badass and above.

As is it just doesn’t do anything. Getting a M10 weapon from Arms Race should be exciting.

It should be changed so that the bonus damage is the base damage and if its not a 1 shot it looses all its damage, just basically reversing the gun so all your damage boosts will actually be meaningful

I took the Binary Operator for a spin at some mid-Mayhem level yesterday, where it worked on most of the enemies (unarmored mostly).

When it worked, per its gimmick, enemies were insta-fragged. When it didn’t, the lack of feedback (like I don’t know how close it was to one-shotting them) meant I only used it on the weakest enemies.

If it flashed the portion of health bar(s) that it would have damaged if it were a regular rifle so I could know how close I was to a (one-hit) kill, for example, I’d know that there’s either no chance I will drop this enemy with it (so I’d abandon that line of attack), or I’d know that I was close enough that another stack/gear buff would put me over the edge, so I could make that decision.

If it was buffed so it killed more enemies, unless it killed them all (which would of course be too powerful), without feedback for the non-kills, it’s awkward to use.

Overall, my problem with Binary Operator is that it doesn’t do anything at the Mayhem lvl it drops at. Like you get a M10 Binary Operator… What’s the point? Why would anyone equip this EVER. White sniper rifles out perform B.O. (B.O. is fitting cos this weap stinks) at equal Mayhem lvl. That’s a hard fail.

Also from a progression stand point. I kind of feel like Gearbox missed an opportunity by locking Mayhem lvls. Like moving from one M lvl to the next should require something or else they are kinda pointless. Like being able to just go from beating the game to jump into M10 and buying purple M10 gear and gearing up in M10… like what is the point of M1-9?

They’re easier fights? We can reduce/customize the modifiers we need to deal with? If you’re just here for the loot, you can certainly just shop at MM10, but when I want to enjoy the combat with weaker, off-meta builds/weapons, I’m all over the lower Mayhem levels.