Special shift weapons

I’ve got the Tales season pass, how do I redeem the weapons? I guess I should redeem them at or before level 50?

Yeah start a new game with a character, and at the character screen back out, then resume with your character and you’ll get them at your current level

Is this only for TPS or will it work in BL2 also?


I think you’re talking about how to get extra copies of the loyalty guns for having BL1 & BL2 save files on your system when you start a new game.

I believe the Tales from the Borderlands weapons are obtained via the SHIFT Machine in Concordia, one time only.

I think.

Ahhh okay, didn’t know there was a “Shift” machine in Concordia. I’ve only gotten my Wilhelm to 12 because I’ve been spending ALL my time replaying BL2 in 60 fps! This is probably the best Xbox One game!!!

Yeah, just look sround to Concordia.

Big yellow machine, hard to miss.

This doesn’t work on next Gen consoles because they aren’t loyalty rewards, they are one time redemptions I think. I was just wondering if there was a glitch to get them again.

Can you still get these rewards for buying Tales?

Unholy necro, Batman! Not sure what the situation is exactly since the studio behind Tales is basically out of business. Going to ping one of the community staff @Noelle_GBX for clarification.

Hey @stephanweiss420, you can still recieve the rewards for buying Tales, you’ll just have to message support with proof of purchase and your SHiFT email and they’ll be able to add it to your account.

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