Special title to help with queue's?

Would it be possible to implement a title that only puts you in a group with others who do not have the same title?
Assuming someday in the future some F2P transition or trial mode or free weekend is put into place and there is new blood in the queue, it would be nice if the very experienced players were marked and incentivized to not stack. It would be similar to the Battleborn Day Guide title, it would mark you as someone who is there to help people learn the game and would prevent the odd deathstack in solo queue as well.
Could be incentivized with bonus credits/exp or like 2~4 platinum per game you play with it on and would hopefully cut down on devastating 5 mans.


Did you just make a non-troll post? I am concerned.

Good idea though.


@blainebrossart1 @dwarfurious

Dwarves and trolls are two entirely separate and distinct species, I’ll have you know!

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You want to stand out and show everyone the immense power of Boldur! “Boldur is coming for you”

Wouldn’t solo/duo queue help with this too though?

Edit: just saw the thread about queue stacking still in solo/duo. Maybe a special title will help a bit but the matchmaking would still need to get fixed because there will always be people trying to get around things just to have a lil fun.


I was recently on a team with very high level players vs a team of very low ranks. Like their highest was 16. Somebody came on the mic and told us that the other team was a bunch of noobies and that we should just focus minions and try not to kill too much. Everybody immediately switched to weaker characters. I was Marquis and I actually let them kill me a few times. And I’m not gonna lie, it was actually kinda fun. I felt like I was being beneficial to the game instead of my own personal stats.
And I don’t think I was giving the other team a false sense of hope. We could have shredded them if we wanted to. But maybe that game was what it took to make a few players like the game and want to stick it out. I sometimes wonder how many people I have made quit playing in the endless pursuit of the almighty KD.
I didn’t get to finish the match because my power went out, but it was refreshing to see such top notch players set aside their bloodthirst and give someone else a chance.


I played El Dragon against some low levels and focused minion waves above everything else. One of the sent me a message saying I was being a tryhard.

I tried dammit.


Do you remember what that guy’s PSN was?


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Oh i know that guy hes very friendly @NatsumeRyu


Not my first guess, but I’m not surprised at all. Good on him. I try to do it as well, but people are stubborn.


Yes it is not a surprise for he is well known for being a nice guy like that, very good on him and his being nice

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