Special weapons in borderlands 3

My question is will the special weapons( the ones you get when you pre order the game, the cov weapon from claiming your pre order, and the gun you get after claiming gun for bl2 and pre sequel) be useable by all your characters or will only one character be able to use them

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You mean: Is it one and done? Or do all my characters get a copy of it like the random 2 in GOTY and the Bullpup in TPS?

Not a bad question, actually.

My theory is that they will be at the level you’re going to start a new game with.

Both SMG and the COV cannon will probably be interesting at lvl 80

This what I HOPE.

Basically like the CSR grenade.

And hopefully one of them is a BL3 version of the GN, but permanent. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just can’t wait to start playing the game and divi into it with friends. Going with fl4k first. You?

Amara or Zane.

I will flip a coin.

From the VIP season 3 announcement:

there are now three weapons available for Borderlands 3! These purple-rarity BL3 weapons have been locked at level 10, whether you choose to redeem them now or when Borderlands 3 is live. You should get a lot of mileage out of them in the game’s early hours, which wouldn’t be the case if they scaled like other reward weapons and you redeemed them at level 1.

“which wouldn’t be the case if they scaled like other reward weapons and you redeemed them at level 1”

So it seems like the other ones (taking that to mean the pre-order reward COV and the Maliwan legendary) will scale in some way? Question mark because while this is the most I’ve heard it’s not super specific about how it works.

I’m going on the assumption the VIP and Preorder weapons will (probably) be shipped to the player’s mailbox. In that scenario, they’ll auto-scale to the level of the character when retrieved and that’s that. This is based on the fact you can mail guns to your friends (in BL3) and they’ll auto-adjust to the receiver’s level.