Specialist bear/stoke the embers can they save iron bear?

Has anyone found a class mod with the specialist bear or stoke the embers talents?

I was just thinking if a class mod has specialist bear and I add a point into it does it give 25%+ 25% = 50% damage increase?

Stoke the embers similar situation? 30% incendiary+ 30% incendiary = 60% damage?

Do class mods with these skills exist? can they double their values through a class mod?

The reason I ask is because I feel like the Capacitive railguns are almost usable, and I played Moze to be a mech pilot, her infantry gameplay is boring compared to Zane.

As it is now there is no point to even trying really. You basically need to go full out on loadout for that to just do what you would do with any sort of half-decent weapon at half the effort. And you won’t have to deal with cooldowns there either.

I’m sure they will buff it nicely, until then there no point tryharding it.