SpecialOps Mega Death Spheres: Non-Siren approaches

Please share your strategies to deal efficiently with the SpecialOps Mega Death Spheres on solo takedown at mayhem levels…

I play FL4K and still working on a good approach. Most sheilds just can’t survive. There is little cover. Easier when you have taken one down. But sometimes even that is difficult. I am using fade away with a grenade, class mod and artefact all boosting cool down and still doesn’t seem short enough to efficiently move to the next group of enemies.

Approaches appreciated…

Skip the ones at the front gate you don’t need to fight them, just kill the dudes on top once the gate opens rush in and go into the right side and push back behind all the cover and then fight everything there.

On the bridge you have to kill them, use cover, pick them off 1 by 1 and carry a facepuncher to stagger them would help. Staggering them then using a cutsman is quite strong (match element to bar)

In the boss fight, well good luck :slight_smile:

Yeah I did try that, but perhaps needed more close quarters gear suitable for mobbing Maliwan enemies, as I got owned rushing in.

Although, when I have cleared the spheres, I find everything other than the boss, and Valkyries, quite double. And then my biggest issue is just learning not to full through the map… But practise of that is a long grind - as I don’t want to run it too easy.

I haven’t been using a shotgun. Just Pistol, SMG and Sniper. This might be something I need to develop, but recoil on some of my stashed ones after patch put me off, e.g. Shock Butcher…

Funny the two guns you mention I have not had at level 50 yet… But they do turn up so it’s just a matter of time.

Thanks for providing some focused farming ideas and a strategy to work on…:+1:

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