Specific Battleborn Mission Connections?

I was wondering if any of the Battleborn have specific connections to any of the story missions? I don’t mean like Caldi in The Renegade but different interactions during the mission.

I noticed playing The Archive when I had El Dragon on my team, he had a scripted line after the last fight. This wasn’t present on prior playthroughs without him on the team and it showed up as a subtitle so it wasn’t just battle chatter. I just thought it was funny and was wondering if anyone else noticed anything else along those lines?

There’s a bunch through out the game and even in PVP. pretty awesome when you first hear them and haven’t before. Ambra always seems salty about galilea leaving her, as her " You betrayed me first" line after killing her.

Yeah, that’s common. Maybe every hero has it’s lines to comment some mission events…

There are quite a few different dialog options each character can have in each mission. Take the archive for example, Oscar Mike and the sentry have a great line about how OM wrote him some poems that were supposed to be private.

When you have multiple people in your game, it will randomly (I assume) choose 1 character for 1 dialog interaction and re-choose again for the next.

I believe that Void’s Edge when proceeding towards the temple stairs with the 4 turrets, each character has something to say when the Wolf Sentry asks them what they’re going to do once he dies.
There are other interactions like that, just don’t remember all of them.
Outside the character that you pick, there are the narrator interactions as well, usually at least 4-5 different dialogues whenever they talk. My favorite is The Algorithm when Deande/Mellka/Nova/Ghalt/Kleese talk about the laser grid that needs to be turned off.