Specific Gear Synergies

I tried running a search but did not find anything in this regard.
So my question, which happened to pop into my head randomly, is: Are there any gear items which have specific and intended synergies with other gear items? I am talking about items like the Law & Order gun and shield from BL2, not just items that happen to work well together. I don’t think I have come across anything like that or heard anyone mentioning them.

One synergy I recently heard was that the Burning Alchemist deals shock damage to you while it deals fire. With a Transformer shield every time you shoot it’ll heal your shield.


The Grave Artefact and the Ward Shield.

Sooo?? What is the synergy between the grave artifact and the brawler ward?

I don’t think these are specifically designed to be used in conjunction. That seems more like its just a convenient side effect of the transformer shield.

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The atom bomb increases the red suit aura, I assume that’s intended.
Driver was obviously made with elemental projector in mind.
Amp shields and snipers.
The unforgiven crit swapping, yes intended gimmicks.
One that is great but probably not is using a recharger shield with a generator grenade, the shield doesn’t need to be full to recharge it just needs to break.

As far as a set like law and order I’m not aware but I’m not an expert on all guns…

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I had forgotten about the Law and Order set. I really enjoyed using that in BL2.