Specific Help with Build

I posted this in the trading post, but it’s not nearly as active as this sub.

I’m in the middle of fleshing out a flesh melter/GM/Boogeyman build and I have all the pieces including a rockin artifact and GM mod, meta corrosive weapons - but I’m missing the star of the show.

Corrosive Boogeyman. Akin to when I was farming lyuda’s with Zer0, the game seems to know I want Boogeymans.

If I can’t seem to find one - I’ll post the cryo/radiation build I’ve been working on, but I’m hoping someone out here can toss me a sh1t rolled boogey they don’t want :slight_smile:

If anyone has a spare or would like to trade - please let me know. Would love to post a build and contribute as soon as it’s done. Apologies for the post in advance - between the murdercrane circle in the wrong area, poor RNG, and Binary Operator forever trolling my emotions - I’m at wits end.

Mine as well thank all you BL math wizards too btw - the math you guys do for all of us is ridiculous.


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Platform? I grind Race fulltime, may find you a Boogey

Edit: should note that in 1 weeks grinding Ive seen 2 Boggeys. Its not going to come easy, you need a zest for life… Like a lemon

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Xbox One…

I have the problem no one wants to hear about - I have all the elements except Corrosive. They rained on me the first two days of farming, seemingly every other run. GB turned the faucet off unfortunately. Wouldn’t mind a trade! Only two that are worth trading are my fire and shock Urad Boogeys.

Soz bro I’m Ps4 and give freely too.

Take a tedior pistol/SMG as soon as you find one and run the boss with chucks. Ive had more successful extraction this way rather than gamble at a lengthy match that ends in an undesired way.

Good luck VH. Don’t stop, keep searching. The feeling of reward when you accomplish a needle in a haysack task is priceless. Corrosive Boogey does exist.

How bad do you want it :slight_smile:


Damn. All good, appreciate the help.

I’ve got the run to the boogeyman chest down to a tee - even when the murdercrane circle is elsewhere. I caught on quick that tediore chucks rofl stomp everything, and if not, atlas pistols/COV weapons do quite nice.

Indeed VH, it exists, and knowing GB’s RNG, I’ll give up on it, make the build, days later, it’ll drop when I least expect it.

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What boogeyman chest? Dam there might be some things I don’t know…
Gogo gadget google

The chests in Arms Race have legendaries associated with them, which they are more likely to contain.

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Yeah dude we been in there, farmed two dedicated locations and an airdrop each match.

The dedicated chests contain common more so than not, to the point of me not farming those chests. Random drop and boss drop yield better outcomes.

Trust I farmed without knowledge of dedicateds and didn’t notice the slightest. Left me believing there were no dedicated places in practical application lol

On PC, otherwise I’d happily toss you one.

One thing I’ve figured out about arms race is that the loot quality goes up exponentially as the murdercane shrinks. Best bet to finding one is to mill about elsewhere until it closes in a bit then get that chest as close to the last minute as you can.

Good luck in your hunt.