Specific instances where not so good anointments are GREAT!

I’m looking for people’s opinions on the topic.

For example:

300% damage to enemies above 90% health.

I’d assumed this was a waste on most things that fire lots of bullets quickly like ARs and SMGs.

But what about rocket launchers? What about snipers and unusual guns like the Lob?
What about Torgue guns where you can put a bunch of explosives on someone all at once and then detonate them?

I’m looking for these more niche uses of anointments that might not always be great.

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Overall this bonus is great on hard hitting guns like snipers. Check here for more info about this anointment.


Thanks. That’s very helpful!

I’m asking about all kinds of anointments, too. I just picked that one as an example.

Another might be increased damage on consecutive hits. I see that working for snipers (like Zer0’s old ability/class mod of sniper perfection), but also for rapid fire guns to get stacks fast.

Basically, I’m wondering 1. what cool combos there are and 2. When can I safely ignore an anoint vs. when might it actually be worth saving due to appropriateness for the type of item (or gun company or whatever).

The only uncommonly used anoint that has real use cases is the ele-crit-nova, which works on the damage of summons/pets and can be quite powerful if really built around.

Otherwise, now that sliding/airborne and most of its ilk are gone, there aren’t many left that are unpopular that actually can be good. 300/90 works great with several builds and has never stopped being good, it just has more narrow use cases now.


It mostly depends which character/build you play with.

The classic boosts on elemental damage, AAS, ASE or URad are generally good in all situations.

Other damage,

  • “Stacking 1%” is beneficial if you can reliably stack more than 100 bullets without missing 1.
  • “Stacking 5%” is beneficial if you can chain more than 20 kills in 25 secs.
  • “500% elemental nova on crit” is great when you crit and adapt elements to target
  • “300% damage on target above 90%” works only on first shot. It s great if you need only 1 shot.

Others are situational, like reduced damage or AAS novas, these are great on guns with situational effects, ie. Vanquisher smg, that you’d use for moving more than shooting anyway.

Some effects would just never fit into your playstyle, like if you play only Zane, AAS would always be more desirable than ASE.

For combinations, keep in mind Guardian ranks add 5% damage per element, so mixing elements should have better results. Cryo and Rad have less penalty against non-matched target.

Sidenote: I happened to try 500% crit nova on a double-barrel nuclear Jericho in mortar mode (rocket launcher), with blastmaster Moze. It works extremely well, to the point nothing would survive, including Moze. If you search new ways to blast yourself, you may also try Complex root sniper.

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Consecutive Hits doesn’t work like that. It stacks up to +200% on every dmg (AS dmg, grenade damage, pet damage, even self damage) and resets if you don’t deal damage for about a second.


-increased status effect chance and damage ase with Nimbus build
-nova while as active when piloting IB
-Some powerful weapons with a lot of recoil with a fade away anoint

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I got the “when shield breaks, gain shield capacity as amp damage on next shot” on a rough Rider shield… Does that count

Ooh. Hadn’t thought of this one! Nice.

300 90 been declared op since it came out It then got a nerf. Still op. Actionskill nukes were used with it insanely. I dunno if the game.l has changed or nerfed it further.

I cant think of anything listed thats crapola. Only sliding and airborne was a gripe.

Everything seems to work and be great nowadays.

The 300% above 90% health is op to all hek with sheriff amara and the guardian overkill perk it can stack to one shot entire areas

300/90 now very much depends on the weapon class. It’s still good with weapons that have high one-shot potential, but it isn’t gonna do much on your average Hyperion SMG.

Depending on your character and build it can be always beneficial. The missing thing doesn’t actually work like that (instead, it resets if you don’t deal damage for a short period of time) and it can be stacked up to 200 times using basically any damage source in the game.

Some characters have an easier time than others keeping those stacks up and some characters get a greater benefit than others.
Zane for instance can get those stacks up very easily with a Clone/Drone build, but at the same time, 200% gun damage isn’t actually that useful on him because his kit is already all gun damage. Amara on the other hand benefits a lot from direct gun damage boosts because she mostly has other types of damage in her kit.

Doesn’t 300% damage above 90% health work on shielded and armored enemies?

It does. Check the link at top for more detailed info.

Okay just checking I knew it did I didn’t click on the link but all the replies are just mentioning health and such, you can still totally make that anointment work with say a brain stormer or the corrosion version of that(sorry haven’t got it yet so I don’t recall the name) it’s actually very strong with a BS, shields melt in seconds.

300/90 has nothing to do with it really, it’s just Brainstormer thing. Before the nerf it would matter, but not now.

So it used to be based on the final bar but now its based on overall health. So if you were shooting something with shield + red bar it only mattered if red bar was over 90% now it matters if shield+red bar combined is over 90%.

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