Specifics of health drain on Digi-Jacks?

As the title says - anyone know whether the health drain digi-jacks experience is a percentage of their health or a flat amount per second? Trying to figure out whether skills like Bolster would have as much an effect on the lifespan of a digi-jack that seems to be implied.

Unfortunately, its percentage based. Whether you have an adaptive shield, bolster at 5/5, or 10/5, they always die within the same 20 second window (about 20 for badasses. Regular Jacks may have been 14).

However, bolster still has a great impact on the survivability of digi-Jacks. With increased health, they can take more hits from enemies, and gain a greater amount of health back through TTF. And since I doubt Jacks are subject to health gate, health stacking will always be a good idea (unless you just plan to pop them all the time).

That’s great to know. Had been thinking of mixing in TTF and Bolster to my current Jack playthrough to use the action skill in a slightly different way.