Spectate enemies while on respawn CD?

So when you take that one too many hits and find yourself waiting to respawn, you can flick through your team members and spectate. I honestly don’t see much point to this outside of pure curiosity and amusement (we’ve all had those WTF ARE YOU EVEN DOING?? moments whilst spectating), but I feel like there could be a huge tactical advantage to be gained if we could spectate the enemy team during this respawn CD period. Not just for the sake of following their team’s tactics, but also to get a short window into individual players’ tactics. Long enough to be worthwhile, short enough to not be game breaking or unfair in my opinion. It would also add an extra tactical advantage for a losing team; more deaths = longer respawn timer = longer spectate window to study your enemy.

I’m sorry but this would definitely be unfair. Why should you be rewarded for dying?


Well that short respawn would give very limited insight, but just enough to warrant the option. I highly doubt anyone would pull a sherlock holmes, piece everything together from that 10/30/50 seconds, and take down the enemy team with that information.

Why would it be unfair? Are you basing that on the principle of “you shouldn’t be rewarded for dying”?

And you also shouldn’t be punished for winning a fight.

And that is 10/30/50 seconds that someone can spend telling their teammates where the enemy is, giving even more of an edge to premade teams.


Didn’t think of that! With mic’s you could definitely direct team mates to ambush enemy players you are watching. I’m too used to playing this game without a mic that the thought skipped my mind.

What if they disconnected you from team chat until you respawned? Could they even do that with people in party chat?

I certainly don’t disagree with you on principle, I just think it could help balance out the snowball effect of most PvP matches a little. Maybe even help encourage a bit more team and tactical play, because you could respawn with new information. Heavy emphasis on the “could”. More cunning players could weigh the odds of death vs spectate, calculating time spent on respawn CD and how that would effect their team to be down one player; or on the other side of the fence, choosing NOT to finish off an opponent and give them the option to spectate.

In theory, at the very least, it could add interesting new tactics. Give the more intelligent players an edge, and give incentive to the not so intelligent players to communicate and work as a team.

On PC you can just use 3rd party apps to speak. That’s what most people do. Teamspeak, Skype etc.

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Fair enough… I’ll concede that it just wouldn’t work :sweat_smile:

It sounded like a good idea to me, but I posted this thread with the intention of getting outside opinions to discover any flaws with my thought process anyway!