Spectating and Replay features

(Mordax Praetorian) #1

As someone who watches HW:DoK tournaments obsessively, I would love to see some more features to help content creators capture the game in the best possible way.

The ability to spectate matches as they happen would enable tournaments to be live streamed

The ability to switch perspective or at least to view the other player’s research etc would help them give a better overview of what was going on

HW:DoK’s potential as an eSport is vast, there isn’t another game that I enjoy watching more right now and every little push towards a bigger scene is worthwhile.


(Ritualcoercer) #2

It’s so hard to use replays to learn the game currently. You pretty much need the other guy to send you his replay to see what he did accurately.


(RagnaroK) #3

+9999 we need this so much. Observer mode would be the best thing ever.



If it is not possible to have something “StarCraft-ish”, then following CoH2’s feature may be a better choice.

I don’t know how many of you own Company of Heroes 2, or even if GBX is aware of it, but, they have a spectate system that allows players to watch matches currently being played. Since CoH2 uses the same game structure of DoK - steam servers - shouldn’t be too hard to do.

But it requires some fine tunning on the replay/observer mode thing.