Spectator Mode & Replays

I would love to see the addition of two things:

Replays: The ability to re-watch matches.

Spectator mode: The ability for someone to join a game without a fleet, and just observe.

  1. Have vision of entire map
  2. Be able to see the production of ships I click on
  3. Be able to see what research each player has researched, and is currently researching.

These two things will do WONDERS for helping to cultivate an e-sports scene.


I would love this.

I love casting Dota 2, I love casting CS:GO, I love casting SC2, this would top it all off.


I support this as well. It can only bring benefits.

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Replays are awesomeness and we need spectator for us to make our own tournies.


Both these things are absolutely vital to having a decent competitive community, they allow for effective streaming and uploading of matches as well as help spot cheating, improve a players ability via learning from mistakes and improve via learning from higher level matches.

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