Spectator Mode Suggestions

Hey guys, I have been trying to run more and more 10 man matches and have some suggestions.

Enhanced Spectator Mode:

  1. COMMUNICATION: Spectator mode is great because if we end up over inviting players to the session, they don’t necessarily have to leave. Also you get to zoom around the map like a fly or something. BUT it could use more communication options with the in game players. It would be great if the spectator could listen in to the team VOIP chat and see the messages that are flowing between the players. It would be good to add the option in the team sorting screen prior to the game to include spectator communications or not, in-case there is a trolly spec who tends to ruin one teams covert pursuit of mid thralls or something.

  2. MUTE BUTTON: If the above were built in a mute button would be necessary. I’ve always though that spectator mode would be cool for making some nice youtube montages about the game, so if a mute button were included it would be excellent.

  3. COMPLETE REMOVAL OF HUD: This again would be great for video making.

The only other thing that would be nice for the entirety of the game (mostly for vid. makers) would be the option to remove HUD completely. (I know cool downs would be an issue so what if you added the option for a sound que per attack type when HUD is off? )

Crap. I almost forgot. It would be nice to have a button designated on the game pad for push to talk (for those of us who play using the controller).

That’s all!


I second the Push to talk button, and isn’t there a way to disable the hud? I was testing around with my friend, but can’t remember if we found it.

Me and poka messed around with it a bit with the config files, but no there isn’t unfortunately.

What do you mean with a mute button? Muting player comms? That exists already.

And boy have I been hoping to be able to disable HUD for ages, that would be a great addition. Maybe a button to toggle hud on/off.

By mute button i mean for muting the comments out and maybe even just for spectator mode they could have custom muting so you could choose to mute specific game sounds.

Right now they have the option to turn off the spectator option row at the bottom of the screen. I want everything on the screen gone except for the game play though.