Specter class mod

I was wondering if anyone had a purple one with 100 crit and has ammo regen. Ive farmed the assassins for years, i have 3 or 4 purple with 100 crit but no ammo regen. I have a lot to trade, ogre mods, some pearls, ill even trade my ajax ogre with 6ish fire rate, still an ajax.

I realize not a lot of ppl play anymore, but if anyone sees this, please help me out. Its the one thing i still truly want, ive made new characters just to farm the cod and assassins before with no success. So please, if you have one, atleast consider it. I have plenty of stuff to give you.

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I don’t have the maxed out version. But, I do have the mission open and can be farmed by you if you like? I’ve done this before. I will load my game into the circle of slaughter and have you join my game and turn in the mission. if you don’t get the desired affect, you’ll have to dboard and load in again. rinse repeat. I let a friend do that for a couple hours straight. never got the maxed version. got a bunch of purples. but none with the ammo regen. I’m willing to offer up my game for your benefit. hit me up. GT: Kurtdawg13 on 360 or xb1.

I appreciate your offer more than anything, but i actually made a whole new siren and played all the way through just to do this method, that was in 2014. Now ive not played borderlands 1 everyday since then, but i can honestly say ive made that long drive to the sunken sea and turned that quest in over 300 times since then, at no avail. And i still have two assassins alive on another character that ive killed more than 300 times lol. The only one ive seen with ammo regen was blue with one skill, so i didnt take it lol. The specter mod and the pearl aries are the only two items i still long for, i guess its what keeps me playing in 2017 lol. But like i said, thank you so much for your offer.

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I’m not sure if you are aware, but my offer would mean that I drive to the sunken sea and get to the circle of slaughter. you join and dboard if you don’t get your result. rinse repeat. much quicker for you, my friend. :wink:

never-the-less, You’re welcome. :blush:

Ill be honest, i didnt catch that part, ive never thought of that. Could i make a fresh character and do it? I dont like joinin peoples games in playthrough 2 because for some reason i pick up every quest in their log and cant complete them. I deleted my first original siren on 360 with 25 days played because of it, long ago lol.

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Actually that would work, that character doesnt matter, i dunno what im talkin about lol. You wouldnt care to host the game one night? That seems like a big favor to me lol, i would have to owe you somethin for sure.

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I love the sound of that. :smirk:

I am not getting notified when you reply back. Instead of replying at the bottom of the thread. Reply to me specifically so I can get the notification. I see a post from you a couple days ago. This would help me out. :acmaffirmative:

Sorry, dont post too often on here so i didnt realize that. I do have one question tho, on my siren i have the cod quest open, i also farm the very first asassin in t bone junction because i never killed any of them so i never picked the quest up. If i join your game will i pick that quest up? Because i remember joinin games back in the day and would pick up every quest frome the persons game, its only a concern because if wr do this one night for an hour or so with no luck, im scared i wont have that easy farm at tbone juntion anymore?

The worries of a nerd lol

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I do have an annoying quest that won’t go away. It as you say. I got it jumping into someone else’s game. just to find out that i now have a quest that cannot be removed or completed. lol “talk to tannis” lol she won’t talk back to me. :unamused:

it’s a gamble, for sure. if you did join my game and ended up saving, you would have that same annoying quest that doesn’t go away, unless you haven’t completed it on your own. then you’d be fine I think.

Lol hate it when they dont talk back. But i think o may have a way around it. I join and all the mods i find, i throw down, if we find any you want or one with the ammo regen, you pick up and save, start playthrough one, and i join and get it that way, because i dont care about playthrough one quests. Or would it save to the quest log as soon as i joined the game even if i dashed afterwards? I dunno, it may be worth the gamble, i found too perfect mods last night without regen after about 35 kills, put in a lot of work last night lol

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that’s doable. I’m down. :acmaffirmative:

I will add you tonight or tomorrow, watching the nephews tonight so i dunno if ill be able to get on until late, they tend to not let me on the xbox while theyre here lol.

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lol, I have a 4 year old son that like to come grab my hand and lead me to either the fridge, or my room so we can jump on my bed together. lol I’m a big kid. I go AFK a lot just because of my son. so no worries on all that dude. I’m good will all that stuff. Kids/family comes first.

Lol i hear ya man, well it may be possible today. You think you will be able to?

And would you have to inv me everytime where we would be on xbox one?

Ah, now I see who you are. lol I got a msg from LaggyJ and didn’t put it together. lol I get hit up so much just because of the forums, it’s hard to remember who I started discussing things with when it gets moved to the console. We’re friends now so I will try to hit you up one evening soon. currently got cooping buddies that hit me up regularly. so sometime this week I’ll try to reach out to you. :acmaffirmative:

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Tried talking to her in Rust commons east and in Tartarus Station?

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yes. its the mission for Tartarus Station. it’s glitched. I completed the game 100%. let a random join me for some Armory farming and now i have that mission that won’t go away.

No worries bro

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