Speculation about the Open Beta date

I’m calling it right now; the Open Beta will begin after the last two Battleborn are announced.

Not much else to say, really.

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excellent work detective doodski! aghh geez i thought we’d have 2 more rogue guys mannn ahh geez maybe next time


Your sarcasm is a plague. Please do not bring it here and taint these forums.

While harsh, he’s totally right. You did kinda state the obvious in a topic that really deserves more thought, especially considering that there are multiple threads already that cover this topic thoroughly.

On the topic though… I think they’ll announce the open beta simultaneously with the last two characters, but I don’t think it’ll begin at the same time. I think the open beta will be announced between March 9th and 18th. Reason being there was 22 days between the Whiskey Foxtrot/others announcement and the Attikus/others announcement. But there was only 13 days between Attikus/others and Ghalt/others.

So using those times/dates, we land the announcement of the last two characters between the 9th and 18th. Hopefully sooner than later, as they really don’t have much time left if they’re planning to make changes to the game after the open beta. Games usually start getting prepped for release about a few weeks in advance.

bites lip
Yeah, whoops. I apologize.

The problem was that I never saw any threads that covered this topic.

That is a nice analysis that I agree with.

@RiptideEX got a good theory about an hypothetical announcement.

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This really helps. Thank you. :slightly_smiling:

Is where this is being discussed. Please continue politely in that thread.