(Speculation) How gbx might save the pc community

The question I keep seeing is how are you going to bring players back to pc?

I’ve got a theory that may explain the rather bare battleplan last week as well and could be how gbx will try to boost their player base. It all comes down to the next major patch.

What if the reason they didn’t want to do a big battleplan last week is that they want to do a HUGE patch this/next week? Consider how many things might be in the next update:
-Reporting feature which will reward players for staying and possibly punish cheaters/quitters (meaning better matches)
-3 new maps! (Which means more people trying more modes to check them out and thus better matchmaking in lower played modes)
-Pendles. A brand new character.
-Lore challenge fixes, a major complaint
-Balance/Fixes/changes to 24(!) of the 26 characters!

Wow that’s a lot!
What a better way to bring back players than new maps, changes to nearly every character, lore fixes, better matches, and a report feature? Rather than small stuff here and there they save it for one big push. A kickstart if you will.

I’d even venture to guess there will be new marketplace skins as well. Make the game feel new and (even) better than it is! Especially if they time it with this lootocalypse.


All these features are aimed at the July patch, which is coming on a Tuesday of the month.

You can be optimistic and hope for the 12th. The 19th gives them another week to work of things. July 26th should anger a couple of fans.

Not necessarily, the may 23 patch was a Monday. And they said next couple of weeks referring to this this stuff 2 weeks ago, so I would speculate this week or next

Yup, can’t wait for the patch and I hope that brings many people back. I understand there may be a small bug here and there but to me something that minor doesn’t break the game for me. I still have a ton of fun… When I check out the forums and see the stuff people complain about, I’m just like “what…?” Almost every game out there has a bug or two.

I read about people talking about “terrain bugs”, seriously. Yes it’s annoying, but you really gonna quit a game because a terrain bug is owning you? Cheaters…? I have over 300 hrs and ran into about 3 people that I was 95% sure with with video proof-- some players are just good. Nerfing, people cry about this so much but can’t learn how to adapt. Lastly is match making…this I won’t argue because there is a small amount of players & I’m sure it’s painful when a Lv 5 goes up against a Lv 100. However, when someone complains when they lost with their pug team of Lv 50+ vs a pre made of Lv 100s. I can’t help but to see that as a whining post. Most people group up to find matches faster & everyone has access to VOIP so what’s the issue…?


I definitely agree there can be excessive whining, but that is everywhere and in nearly every game. The pc community lost 75% approximately in a short amount of time though, which I would interpret that either they didn’t like the game or the reason they quit is not relevant anymore. If gbx can make the game attractive enough and show A) everything you were upset about before has been fixed and B) look at all the new shiny FREE stuff it could potentially bring back a lot of the original player base.

If they were to do a huge update and this is their goal, the one thing that cannot lack is marketing. They REALLY need people to be aware that all of this awesome stuff happened.

Primarily due to the crappy matchmaking at launch and the rather light content. Most players blew through all the missions within the first week and were put off by the lack of PvP maps at launch. Honestly, I think 3 modes was perfect but we need another map or two in each mode to add a little meat to it.
Partially due to the fact that OW was released shortly after and unfortunately there is no way to match the marketing giant that is Blizzard. I know people who play OW and are unhappy with it. When asked why they’re playing it then, they respond back with, “cause my friends are playing.”
We’re at 330ish players on-line right now with a peak in the 600’s. What you have left at this point are the truly dedicated and frustrated. I found myself installing games from my library last night as even my dedication is fleeing and I find this to be one of the best games on-line I’ve ever played. Makes me sad.

Which brings me back to my original post. A lot more content will hopefully bring back that crowd

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also people who get bored with OW will trickle over.

I think I should add one more detail. Many people believe console communities are doing fine by word of mouth and their own experience. I am one of those people. But we have no hard evidence that they are. The only numbers we have are steam numbers.

We need the pc community to thrive as it is (imo unfortunately) the face of Battleborn. Media outlets have recently taken up the “let’s sh*t on Battleborn crusade” again and are saying the game is dead because of pc numbers. The only media outlet with any recent good press for Battleborn was ign India oddly enough. We need pc numbers to come back to prove to the public that this game is going to survive and worth playing

There was some discussion in another thread about the possibility of a trial weekend to get people interested. There were questions about how viable it would be on console, but Steam is already fully capable of doing it. If the trial coincides with the launch of a major patch and/or another event (like LOOTPOCALYPSE, double xp, or double credits; play with the devs too, mebe) and a sale of some kind (30-40% off), I could see it bolster the PC community quite a bit.

The biggest thing, in my mind, is that BB needs to get people to realize that BB is not like Overwatch. Overwatch is a much more simplistic pure-PvP team-FPS; BB is a much more complex and nuanced MOBA using an FPS engine with well written and entertaining PvE. BB doesn’t really have any other games out there like it (afaik, it’s really the only FPS-MOBA hybrid) nit is never going to be able to compete with Overwatch regardless of how different it is because Blizzard is a giant (and evil giant, going by their modification of beta/release dates to screw over BB); the only way to survive/thrive is to get people to realize that BB isn’t just Gearbox’s version of Overwatch.

I actually like this explanation quite a bit.

PC numbers have, unfortunately, become the face of Battleborn and they are suffering badly – which in turn causes more people to quite alongside frustrating matchmaking.

I hope that a big content patch drops soon, I really do.

I also hope that some kind of Demo version / Steam trial is in the works.

They need to figure out a way to bolster their numbers on PC, if only because that’s the only number people can see to help them making a buying decision.


I’m pretty sure I’ve responded to you with this exact post, but:

"BATTLEBORN: Badasss Demo"

  • Download for FREE
  • Access to the complete Prologue mission, playing as the energetic Mellka
  • Access to all PvP Maps and Modes
  • Access to our extensive gear and loadout system
  • Play from any of the 7 starting characters: Oscar Mike, Miko, Montana, Rath, Thorn, Marquis, and Orendi

Aya. I love this idea. It’ll take some time to implement (a Steam trial is apparently possible right now), but I feel it would really breath life into the game.

People love free stuff.

The only downside is that it will bring a lot of Trolls into the community. F2P MMOs often suffer from waves of people who don’t care about the game at all, but just about the fact that it’s free, these people often make life difficult.

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If I understand correctly, it shouldn’t actually be that difficult with what they have now (or are working on).

The DLC will be blocked off from some people. This tells me they have the ability to block all PvE from some people.

Alani could not be purchased by non-pass holders for the first week. This tells me that they can stop some players from unlocking new characters.

The fact that we had a free Beta download …

All of these things added together provide the suggestions I have made. I haven’t mentioned one thing we haven’t seen them able to do already (or in the case of the PvE maps, something they’ve announced).

The free BETA download was an entirely seperate game.

The thing that’s difficult is the fact that they need to go through the process on PSN/Xbox One of releasing a new game, or something similar to that.

There are some intervening certification steps that while not technically difficult (necessarily) take clock time.

There might also be some technical issues I’m just not thinking of at the moment.

The reason I say this isn’t because I don’t love the idea, I just don’t want people to think it’s an “easy” solution and expect it to happen tomorrow.

I really, really hope they’re working on it, but I wouldn’t expect it for a little bit (unless they started the work a while ago).


I honestly don’t think it will help. Yes, there will be a spike, but that’s all it will be. The people that left are players that consume content and move on. Adding a few maps or a new mode won’t change that.

The only thing that’s going to build up the PC community over the long haul, IMO, is a permanent price drop to twenty bucks or less or (ideally) a move to full-out free to play.

And if f2p is done well, the players that bought in early can be compensated handsomely and the game will earn MUCH more money over the long haul.

I’m honestly afraid of going f2p. I worry they won’t take care of early buyers properly and it’s a one way switch. Once it’s f2p it stays f2p. I think putting bb in a positive light of were doing well and the game is great is more important because no one will want to play a f2p game that doesn’t seem fun (and media outlets have definitely given the public that vibe)

I can understand that concern, but I believe it could be done in a way that really rewards those of us that bought in.

Yeah, the marketing has not been…good. But I think you will agree with me that this is a game you have to play for yourself to understand how much fun it can be.

Another option would be to have trial accounts that then get upgraded to premium, but the best way to grow the PC user base is to give more people the chance to try it for themselves.


They needed a free to try week along side a sale. Other games do it all the time on Steam for a quick influx of players and cash.

If they ultimately opt for free to play my suggestion would be gifting the BL series to all active players. Let’s face it, those games have been out for a while and it will keep current players happy.

Or, to build upon someone else’s great suggestion, free to play with the first 2 missions included and the starting characters unlocked only. Payment model swings to a full transaction model to pay cash for what you want OR pay the full price to unlock all content. Full price players (as in those few of us still sticking around) receive all content as they normally would.

According to this, tomorrow we’ll have more insight on the new patch, but with no “specific date”, it’s fair to assume the patch it not coming next week. I hope I read this wrong.