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Hey Champs :smiley:

So we have two more Battleborn heroes to be revealed, and that’s why I’m taking you back to October, when I uploaded some images from the official Facebook page of Battleborn regarding someone who wished badly for Panda-ish battleborn hero to be a thing:

And this is also brings me back to the first official cover of Battleborn:

We can clearly see some weird-ass Lizard thingy which can be a potential Battleborn hero.
Could we see those two in the final roster? and what about that fire witch?

Let me hear your opinion about it! :smile:

My guess for the panda hint from gbx is actually Toby. But those other two are really interesting. The lizard thing definitely appears even somewhat LLC like. But he also reminds me of isic in terms of weapon appearance so he may have been an early version of isic

A panda character would be funny. I am guessing that big ole thing is probably a boss character. And that fire woman is Ambra. I say Ambra because of the fire and hat. Just a early concept design. I could be wrong, been wrong once or twice in my life:slightly_smiling: Even the big boss thing might be an early version of Isic. I can barely guess of what gearbox has left for characters. They are L.L.C members though, so rich and haughty. A howard Hughes, Iron Man character?

I’m almost certain that the Lizard was an actual Battleborn hero according to Randy. They had problems balancing him and that’s why they had to pushing him back a little bit. I’m sorry that I can’t find the exact quote of him saying that, but it’s probably the case.

Maybe that is going to be the one that ps4 players will get for playing the beta. Still not liking the way companies do that business of buying content for there systems. I hope there is a cool ass lizard. Hope his tail comes off and you get to hit people with it. :smile:

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Fire witch is most likely an early concept of Ambra

Panda thing could have been hinting at Toby or an unannounced, not really sure on that one

Lizard guy could just be character they turned a boss / trash mob and or an unannounced

as for what they need to add play stile wise is another sniper and another support (both LLC)