Speed Over Power Rath PvP Build

Hi all Havic Here and i am going to give you my rath build today it the personal one that i use.

Gear: For Gear i look for attack speed movement and sprint speed reasons being he is quite fragile and you want to get in and do your dmg and back. Movement Boost your base walking and sprint speed together rath is quite fast without any but you want to capitalize on his fast base speed by pushing it even further to the max. Sprint spd Movement spd Atk Spd and Atk Dmg. That is what i priorities in gear with sprint being top of the list. This means Raths legendary gear is a must for the sprint spd and Attack Spd and passive life steal and find a mix of gear with the stats i mentioned above.

Playstyle: This is a auto attack based Build you should be able to easily circle your opponent making sure that its hard for them to hit you it also gives you fantastic Burst with the Catalytic smash into dreadwind Combo. The atk speed will shorten skill animations and give you more wave clear and stomping power when combined with spin to win and adding movement speed to boost your fast sprint speed will make sure if ■■■■ gets out of hand you have enough speed to high tail it out of there. Lastly this build gives added utility to All three of your major skills Boosting your movement speed while in dreadwind makes it inescapable and being able to silence large groups with Catalytic smash can turn the tide in a large mid fight all while giving you an advantage during a large push on the enemy sentry/minions.

Helix Tree:

LvL 1 Waveform Smash
I use waveform smash because it turns this skill into great utility/pressure being able to Up heave a group of foes is very appealing and it combines fantastically with catalytic smash later on.

LvL 2 Shield Siphon
I usually use cross blade when chasing down players and mob clear with auto attack this augment helps me replenish some shield’s if i am pursuing a kiting target say like Reyna.

LvL 3 Spin to Win
This is One of raths if not the most important augment in his kit and what makes attack speed a go to stats with him realy no more need to explain this augment.

LvL 4 Catalytic Flash
Combines very well with waveform smash to silence large tightly packed groups of enemy/players can ruin the day of characters who are more skill focused like Orendie Caldarious and prevent any one from casting a potentially game changing ultimate like Ambra Or miko’s healing shroom.

LvL 5 Swordsman Salve
Your going to be saving skills for bursting priority targets and proving means of escape and support so losing the life steal on them is not a big deal to have better sustain via your auto attacks.

LvL 6 Catastrophic Smash
This gets you that ranged back you sacrificed taking Wave form Smash

LvL 7 To The Point
While All three augments are very good here more dmg means more health and better sustain thats why i take this augment over the other 2.

LvL 8 Quick Cross
This spot is totaly up to you But i just take quick cross to be able to have more frequent use of my cross blade and its shield draining features.

LvL 9 Softened Target
I rarely use Catalytic to try outright killing usual to begin my burst and i can fit a crossblade in during the upheaval time and still go into dreadwind to blow a target up.

LvL 10 Dreadheart
All three augment in this spot are fantastic but i take dreadheart as a means to escape and be inescapable so naturally fast characters like Reyna and other raths cant simply run out or away from dread wind not to mention when people see you use this they tend to steer clear of you by any means necessary. And if they do get out of it somehow you can always just high tail it out of there and re position for another assault.

Any way guys thats my rath Build i hope you like it feel free to comment and rate hope this build helps you in some way

Nice build and it’s pretty close to what i use but i divert a bit from your tree. I think i should explain how i usually use Rath to begin since a lot of my helix choices depend on it, i mainly use a hit-n-run tactic and never stay long in the same spot and i usually try to refrain from running after people unless i know exactly where i’m at and know i can’t get away with the kill and move away from it securely.

So i usually open with Catalytic Smash, followed closely by Crossblade while the enemy is still in the air and their encircle him with a flurry of melee combos. I tend to refrain from using Dreadwind since although it’s a powerfull ult move, a skilled player can get away from it, CC it and you’re simply too exposed while doing it. I just use the ult as a guaranteed finisher, like when i back up the opposing player into a tight spot or there are several players ganged up on me and i know i can get at least a kill and prep for another.

Now onto the helix tree, i’ll just highlight my different choices:

LvL 1 SLOWING STRIKE - While waveform smash is useful in bigger groups, it doesn’t add much to a hit-n-run tactic where you’re picking a single target, Slowing Strike will slow your opponent making sure that you’ll you put as much as strikes as possible

Lvl. 2 EVISCERATING BLADE - While getting your shield back is great and all, i’m targeting overextended and/or unaware opponents, i’m probably already with a full shield so Shield Siphon isn’t that useful. Since this is part of my opening “combo” making sure that i can deal the most dmg i can before the opponent even reaches the ground is top priority. It’s also very useful ( and i’ve got quite a few kills like this ) if the target starts to run away and gets his shields up, with a char like Rath that doesn’t have a ranged attack, having something that can bypass shields and target the already small HP pool could mean the difference between getting a kill or him getting away.

LvL 7. SPIN TO SLOW - TBH i think any choice at this level is useful and you can’t go wrong with either way but in the end i tend to prefer Spin to Slow, i heavily rely on Rath’s attk speed and as such, every strike i can get before the opponent does or tries to evade is welcome.

Lvl 8. ENERGETIC PROJECTION - Coupled with Eviscerating Blade it’s a good tool to have, i’ve got a couple of kills by noticing an unsuspecting target with low health at at distance and kill it Crossblade.

LvL 10 - Don’t have a preference and usually depends on who i’m playing against, they’re all fine choices.

GEAR : Any gear that adds +attk speed, sprint speed and/or dmg attk, i tend to give attk speed more priority.

So run > pick target > smash(silence) > crossblade (slow+first blood) >run around target+melee attk combo > gtfo , rinse and repeat.