Speed up the switch to shuriken?

So like everyone oughta remember, a while back they rebalanced Deande by making the swap between swinging and flinging her war fans “more responsive” i.e. faster after starting to hold your alt-fire. I want to see what people would think about doing the same for Pringles.

As it stands, the throwing stars should theoretically fit the role of Deane’s thrown fans; a low-damage ranged option for when you’ve worked an enemy down really low and they’re fleeing too fast or into dangerous territory. Pringles’ throwing stars could easily do that job too, but the time to switch between his kamas and throwing stars has such a delay, you’re likely to have your near-death target totally out of range or line-of-sight by the time you get them flung out.

Go ahead and leave your thoughts. I know those of you who think the character needs some rebalancing anyway would consider this really low-priority, but assuming he was in a “perfectly” balanced state, would you consider this change prudent at all?

  • Speed up the attack swap speed.
  • Leave the swap between throwing stars and kamas as-is.

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With Deande the fast switching makes sense and she isn’t swapping out one weapon for another. She’s using the same fans. With Pendles he has to put his melee weapons away to switch to his throwing stars and then switch back. Even Shayne doesn’t have to switch between weapons as she’s always holding her boomerang and melees with it in her hand.

Honestly, as it stand right now I think his ranged attack could use more improvement than just swap speed. When I play him I just never use it because it does so little damage and pops him out of stealth, so you’d just be better off using your melee attacks, and if someone escapes you, then I have to say it’s your fault for not dealing enough damage/attacking a high health target.

I would like the transition from melee to ranged to be mire responsive as well as the the travel speed to be increased, I think the dmg is fine though.

This in turn would make pendels as versatile as Deande and Shane, some heros are a major threat to pendels ( Orendi and Marquis) and having his ranged option to soften them up would be nice.

Pendles ranged attack is intentionally underpowered. It’s meant to be a finisher if someone is trying to escape and has just a sliver of health left. Otherwise people will just stand at range and throw shuriken and then retreat behind cover to cloak. This is what they discovered during playtesting when they brought in people to focus test things.

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I know that, and I remember hearing about it/reading it, it still doesn’t change the fact that I’ll never use it since it does so little damage on non-crits. (If you can crit with it it’s good, otherwist it’s like 40 some damage or something, which is extremely negligible in my opinion)

Different playstyles for different people.

Ooh good to know

Honestly, I never liked his ranged attack. I use it as an annoying tactic and no real tactical advantage. I think the switching time is fine and the damage is fine, but I think the angle that it travels, on a slight curve and a quick down angle is kind of wonky. I would just straighten that up a bit, but I still wouldn’t use it.

His ranged attack isn’t good at all imo. I never use it if there’s a low health target I’m better off running around a corner speeding up then using smoke bomb on top of them(I’ve done this many times, it works more than you’d think