Speedrun with me!

As soon as I found out that there was a speedrunning category for Battleborn, I was immediately interested. However I never had any record breaking runs and never tried seriously at it until the server sunsetting announcement recently. I now have 3 of the WRs for 3 of the dlcs (which have been far less competitive than the main story runs).

But my whole interest in speedrunning isn’t to hold a wr run, it’s to compete with people for best run. Each time someone breaks a record it shows something that was done differently, something that was improved upon (although bb has a ton of rng that can affect mission run time), which is why I ran time trials back on Jak X combat racing. I had one level I was constantly battling someone for top spot of and that was fun.

So I’m here to invite everyone to visit the Speedrun website and give a mission a go!