Speedrunning through NVHM and TVHM?

Another member and i powerleveled my Siren in the Bar, and i’m level 72 in NVHM with the mission “My first gun.” is there a fast way of skipping through these modes, or do i have to slog through it? I noticed in my oroginal playthroughs that when i joined someone’s game who was further in the story than me, when i went back to my game i emded up exactly where they left off. Is there a trick to this?

No, got to go through it, I got a level 72 like this also, the only good thing about it is that it goes quicker because you can blow through most all of the mobs , you still have all the cut scenes though

No, if you join someone else’s game ahead of where your game is, and complete mission then leave and reenter your game, your game will start back up where you left off, when it reaches the point where you joined the other game and completed missions, it will have a popup that says that you have already completed these missions, “Do you want to skip ahead” , hit yes and it will skip to where you ended up in the other game

I’ve joined so many different games with some toons that it seems sometimes the game will just skip 2 minutes ahead then play for another 5 minutes before skipping ahead again