Spell or gear levels

Do you get penalized for using lower level spells.or gear? I have a great 21st level spell and Im 37 right now. Is there a reason to switch it out to higher levels?

The amount of damage it does I would think, but if it still works fine use it! I used a lvl 17 gun into the late 20s.

You’re not penalized but after a certain point you will realize its taking a lot longer to kill enemies. Varies from weapon to weapon, but a lvl 20 blue rarity with the same parts will usually perform better than your lvl 15 purple with the same parts.

I had a lvl 22 Stoker black magic rifle that carried me up to lvl 38 before I no longer considered it viable.

For some reason, Feriore pistol blue has higher damage than purple. I got a lvl 40 volatile frost 452x2 Feriore crossbow 6% damage increase that spawn spixes.

I am sure I can’t get any better one at the present.

If you get good part roles on a spell, it can remain useful well beyond most spells. Just hit chaos 20, and still using the same triple ice spike spell because it’s damage is significantly higher than chaotic and volatile versions of the same spell. Crazy good part roles.

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I guess Im not understanding on why show a spell level then if you can have 2 similar spells, say one at lvl 20 and one at level 40. If both spells show a damage of say 300 then whats the point of a higher level spell? Aside from the myriad of different perks of course. But if level is not a factor why have it?

They’re all randomly generated some days it rolls REALLY well, other days it’s vendor trash.

It’s the spell parts that are causing that. The spells scale based on level, but a good part can significantly increase base damage. Using your example, the level 20 base damage is only 100, but has a part that triples the damage, making it the same as the level 40 base damage of 300.

Ideally, you want to find a level 40 with the same triple damage modifier that the level 20 had…

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Spell type, too. Some spells are one off and others are repeating and others cause continuous effects. And then there’s the nightmare of parts. Certain spells will also work better depending on what build you are using because they will buff certain parts of the spell.