Spelling out Mission Objectives

Disclaimer: if you are on this forum, that means you probably really care about this game and are not one of the people I am about to talk about.

I just wanted to write some frustrations I have come across as a PVE player who plays mostly with randoms.
Whenever I get matched into a random group, I always feel like I am the only one paying attention to what the objective is. And maybe I am just misinterpreting my team members, but this has happened so many times now. The goal is to guard the Chronicle, but I am the only one nearby it while everyone is running miles ahead, leaving me alone to clean up all of the new spawns as the Chronicle reaches checkpoints.
Or from the same mission: we are supposed to escort the little bots to Chronicle, and no one is doing anything to clear a path or set up traps.

More often than not, there is that one player that will start the mission objective as everyone is frantically running around trying to set up traps. Then the mission starts with everyone separated and no traps activated.
Understandably, this could probably all be cleared up if the whole team had microphones. But that is also uncommon.

The Saboteur has been impossible for me as I am usually the only one that stays nearby the defense point to guard from melee class enemies. I’m not even that good of a player, so I am also to blame for the failures of our team, but the lack of teamwork that the other players have shown me is astounding.
Gearbox, is there some way that you would be able to make it really clear what the objective is before it starts? I know the characters say it out loud and that it says it to the right of our screen with the objective marker, but I don’t think very many players are still getting it unfortunately. So many players are just bull rushing ahead of their party members and not actually completing the objectives or thinking about it strategically.

Even if it’s just a small cutscene… For example: a shot showing the info bots from the Archive that says “Defend these!” Or something so players know what to look for.

If these missions didn’t take 20-40 minutes each I wouldn’t mind failing so much. But I am exhausted of feeling like I’m the only team member paying attention :frowning:


What i have seen work is keep on high DPS on the core at all times.