Spiderant Bugged and Unresponsive

Fl4k’s spiderant pet (the default spiderant as I am unsure if the same stands for the other variants) can get stuck in place while doing its rolling movement. It will remain stuck in place until it is killed or swapped for another pet and then re-summoned. This occurs in open terrain with no obstacles around, so it not the spiderant getting stuck on rocks or other terrain. Furthermore, the pet is unresponsive to the attack command the player can issue. The other pets follow the order and attack who the player has designated without issue. The spiderant, however just sits there passively and does nothing even if enemies get close to it. It passively attacks enemies without any problems, but the second I give the attack command it just stops attacking until I myself kill the target which allows the spiderant to passively attack enemies again. The issues repeat constantly even after restarting the game, so the bug are repeatable.


Which system are you playing on? :thinking:

Sorry, I overlooked saying what system it was on. I am playing on PS4.

It’s the same with every pet except for the Master skilltree and even there the pet sometimes just stands around doing nothing. On PC

I have the same problem with the spiderant… It doesn’t do anything as soon as I use the command attack. Please fix it . I really like the queen ant

I’m having the same issues on Xbox.