Spiderant Gamma Burst Build (video)

Hey guys, here is a quick video I made talking about my Gamma burst build, which uses both the spider ants. I mainly talk about the pets and skills themselves, but I would like to note that red fang is the best Mod with this build (picked it up last night). Let me know what you think!


I used a build very similar to this but when you get to the slaughter shaft it falls short. At least on M3 the pets can’t do enough and had to respec build for more FL4K. Hopefully they get buffed soon so pet build will be viable. At lvl 50 FL4K does over 500 more melee damage than the Skag before skills. At base the pets are just to weak to rely on for a significant portion of your damage.

You still do the bulk of the damage, but the goal the build is to make the pet the most self sustaining as possible. I’ve actually had more success with the countess on slaughtershaft. It gives you more control over the engagements. I do agree that the pets need buffs though.

I did something similar. I’m glad to see there are other ways to accomplish the master +hunter build. It has taken me 3 days to get the survivability and damage balanced. It’s not polished yet but I made it to round 3, wave 3, in one life, on the slaughter shaft. Tell me what you think and how to make it better. I’m using the Rabid Giant Slayer Bounty Hunter class mod. What gear would make it better as well?

That’s an interesting build. Nice blend of damage for you and damage stacks for your pet. I think Red Fang would be solid for a mod. Helps your Spiderant take the pressure off.

That’s the scorcher. @darkhorse281 are you using cooldown Com and artifact? I noticed you aren’t using either cd skill

I’m apparently blind

Any particular reason you didn’t get Barbaric Yawp?

Artifact is Elemental projector cosmic crater.
183% elemental damage boost when suffering elemental damage of the same type.
17% sniper damage
16% cryo damage
30% shield recharge rate

Com is the Rabid Giant- Slayer Bounty Hunter
13% Weapon fire rate
55% Torgue weapon projectile speed
15% Hyperion weapon fire rate

@13igTyme I tried for 2 days to use barbaric yawp, but I want getting the damage I needed to survive. I only used the master tree as far as I did to get the Gamma Burst bluffs. Endurance wasn’t really necessary since I now have the guardian bluffs and but I am experimenting with adding the Unique Anointed Absorbing Recoil Shield. Its Anointed skill is on action skill end, action skill cooldown is increased by 20% for a short time.

Last thing guys. I moved some points around that should give me more damage without sacrificing survivability. I removed Megavore and Grimm Harvest and placed the points in Leave No Trace, Two Fang, and Overclocked. I still have one point left to place and I’m going to do a Slaughter Shaft run before I place it. The decision is whether to put it into Overclocked for the additional 2% for rate, or to put it into The Most Dangerous Game thereby overpowering that skill to:
+33% gun damage
+13.3% critical hit damage
+40% handling
I think this is going to be great since I wasn’t going for crit damage anymore I removed Megavore. And more bullets means more damage. I guess we’ll see. Thanks for the input guys. Keep em coming!

I like that build.
But it still makes me kinda sad that there isn‘t any build out here which uses dominance.
I like being the utility guy , and dominance on paper could provide massive utility , but out here on pandora i was proven to be wrong - no matter how hard i try to make dominance viable…
I really hope that there‘s gonna be a deep look into that skill. If so , i might be the first one running a dominance build - heh

You can dominate using the facepuncher which overcomes the limited range. I’ll be honest, it still didn’t feel useful enough when I tried it solo, but it could be kinda fun to dominate Anointed for your group in coop. 4 FL4K’s running dominance would probably be a good time even in its current form

@Dobbythedobb that’s another build I’ve been putting together in the back of my mind as I see new pieces of legendary equipment. I’ve seen a legendary class mod that had 3 green health modifiers on it about 2 weeks ago. My thought was that Fl4k had so much healing ability as well as the ability to share that regeneration to allies that he could serve as a healer. If you overpower those green health skills using The Leech pistol, you could essentially be a team healer. Add in the ability to dominate enemies, I think you might find a use for dominance. That’s the only way I think it will be good. I don’t think dominance will ever be good as an offensive skill. Your thoughts?

i had a build like this in mind.
My idea was to overcap every kind of health regeneration to make me, my pet and my team simply immortal.
Still missing a hell lot of items for this tho , trying everything i find to find the best possible setup…
I still wonder why dominated badasses suddenly stop spamming their rocket barrage… Might try a good singularity grenade to help with the positioning… maybe this is a solution to take the best out of the 12 secs

I’ve tried the Spiderant a few times, always trying to give it a chance, but in M3 it seems to die as soon as a Heavy looks its way. I spend more time reviving it than it spends alive doing (very little) damage.

I feel that once the future buffs to the pets’ survivability and (hopefully) its damage happen, then it’d be a lot more effective and less stressful. The amount of DPS you give up to focus on a pet is insane, and if they aren’t pulling their weight, then it is wasted points.

If you spend ~15+ skill points to beef up your pet and keep it alive, and it can’t seem to take a single enemies health down by more than %25 on its own, or survive for 5 minutes, then that’s a huge issue I have with investing points into it.

For some reason the Spiderant dies more frequently than any of my other pets. Jabber > Skag > Spiderant in terms of survival.

I’ll def. give this all a try again once the update to the pets are made. I really do enjoy having a powerful sidekick wreaking havoc.

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Pet survivability is a problem for sure in Mayhem 3. I would say Burst Aid is a must. Here is a build I made specifically to tackle that problem, but using the Skag.


Well guys I’ve come to ther conclusion that I’m going to have to change my COM. I need one that really overpowers healing abilities. I’m doing enough damage I can do without the few points my current COM puts into Frenzy. I still have one point left and I could use it to max out The Most Dangerous Game once I change COMs. So back to farming Graveward for a new COM.

After a full night of farming and research, I think Fl4k might be similar to Salvador as it pertains to his class mod. I remember Sal used a unique class mod to make his money shot build so powerful. And in my opinion that was his most fun and powerful build. There wasn’t a legendary mod that could synergize the way the unique did. I think Fl4k might be the same. I think what I’m looking for is a unique rather than a legendary. I’ve been looking on the internet just to see what uniques are available but there just isn’t much attention to them right now so information is pretty limited. I think something like this might be the ticket. Tell me what you think. If there are better ones out there, please let me know. Or better yet, leave a pic in here.

Im going to try that tonight, im having lots of fun with rakks, with the recent 50% life buff to pets I wana try out gamma

I’m hell bent on making Gamma work. I just don’t want to use the red fang to do it. However, it may be the only way to make gamma viable. The master tree will probably find strength when we’re get the next 10 skill points. At that point we may see pet builds rival the crit build. But at this point I don’t think we can get there even with the perfect equipment. Being able to chain abilities had been a strong aspect to character builds in the borderlands series. So why doesn’t barbaric yawp synergize with hive mind and he bites. I feel like gearbox is cheating here. If you go by what it says on the cards, damage received by Fl4k is shared to the pet. When the pet takes damage, it returns damage to the attacker. So theoretically when Fl4k takes damage the pet should being doing more damage. But it doesn’t work that way and I believe the lack of synergy between abilities is what is holding us all back from an awesome pet build. Gearbox needs to take the leash off the master tree (pun intended). That’s when you’ll see the mobs melt. Until then I think we’re just beating or heads against the wall. Still gotta try though.

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I have a purple COM with;

+2 Self-Repair
+3 All my BFFs

It’s pretty cool