Spiderant Insane Health Regen Interaction

Hey guys. After playing with a more gamma centric Spiderant build, I noticed a pretty cool interaction between the Spiderant. Barabaric Yawp, and All My BFFs that gives your pet pretty crazy health regen. Here is a quick video where I discuss it a little further.

Have you had any success with Gamma Burst and the Spiderant?


My question is have you found a way to give FL4K crazy health regen? 'Cuz even with maxed out health regen skills, further enhanced by Class Mods, FL4K is still noticeably lacking when compared to Zane. :unamused:

This is probably the best you can do for FL4K health regen. I tried a build that focused purely on damage mitigation and regen, but it still didn’t seem to save me much. That’s why I prefer this build, because your pet can keep enemies at bay for an extended period of time.

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You can get even more with terror anoints, probably best with the rakk to proc terror and then use a shield with either terror health regen or 25% heal on action skill end (this one works without terror but gets extra healing while terrified. I believe it stacks if you have it on a gun and a shield too which is crazy)

I have been using a terror health regen anointed Ward and the regen while depleted is amazing. Coupled with a last stand I can play very aggressive without going down

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I haven’t been using terror gear all that much. But I will make sure to look out for the health regen gear.

It can either heal you by 70% on Action Skill end, or heal you for up to 8% per second while terrified. Really good either way.

By the way, there is an anointment that gives pets 50% bonus damage as fire. It doesn’t do a lot for normal melee attacks, but for attack commands it adds a hefty amount. You may want to try it sometime.

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I have seen the incendiary annointment. Does it rely on terror stacks to activate? Or is it just from using the attack command?

You need at least 1 stack of terror, but there is a trick that pretty much invalidates that limitation.

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Well, don’t leave us all in suspense, DO TELL! :wink::+1:

Do you have a link to your build? Off the video it’s hard to work out exact skill points because of the class mod.


Good call. The link to the build is below. I will make sure to attach this to the video too.