Spiderant Pet Guide

Hey all. Here is a quick video discussing the mysterious Spiderant. I don’t see much discussion about our other 4 legged friend, so give it a watch and definitely give the Spiderant a try.


I personally love the Spiderant/Rakk build (i’m still playing through the story, I realize it changes to near useless at MH3), but my biggest complaint is there’s no way to make it ‘get out of the way’.

This has become a nuisance for both me and my roomies, especially when we’re on Sanctuary and we’re all cluttered around the vendors (selling loot/comparing gear).

It fairs a bit better than the other pets in that I feel it’s tankier, plus when you command it to attack, it burrows, meaning if you’re good at macro, you can get it the hell out of dodge before it dies (Like when a Badass psycho starts spinning, etc).

I haven’t given the Rakk build a try, but I have been mainly playing gamma just because I like the ability alot, Rakk is probably more viable later in the game.

The spiderant definitely does feel better, but I still have times where the countess or scorcher get just straight up one shot by the bosses (usually followed swiftly be me), and that is in Mayhem 1. Overall though, she seems to take a good beating compared to the other two.

I personally prefer the jabber. he has the most range and his smg rocket combo is amazing. Combine it with fade and you got amazing combo. I also love how he can more easily target flying or high up enemies. Plus that whole tree is either helping you stay alive, get revived, or deal bonus damage. I rarely get downed at all but it’s usually simple mistakes.

The Jabber is definitely the best Pet overall. It just doesn’t work well with gamma because of the glitch where he loses his weapon. The Spiderant IMO is the best Pet with gamma burst, specifically the scorcher. The Skag just isn’t reliable enough strong text