Spiderant Scorcher Damage

So I found a crit build that I modified a little but it had the Scorcher as the pet. Normally I used the Gunslinger Jabber as my pet for the additional crit damage but the jabber itself did such miniscule damage I decided to try the Scorcher. I noticed when it created the fire pool it was doing 3 mil per tick which seemed ridiculous to me. It’s only gaining a 108% damage buff from my perks (133 if my action skill is active) so how does it do that much?

The general theory is that the lava pool of the Scorcher is gaining both the action skill scaling and pet damage scaling.

Is there a way to get him to proc that lava field on demand? Usually he’s just doing his thing and sometimes it comes out.

I’ve noticed she just places it on almost any and every enemy. Especially when she does her charge and jump attack.