Spiderant Spawn bug?

For some reason, when I move up or down to another level on the terrain, my spiderant will follow, triggering its cool-down timer for attack commands. The other two pets don’t seem to do this.

When the spiderant follows me it “spawns” from the ground.

And now that I’m looking at the skills, I think it is triggering the “Spiderant Countess” ability, which would explain the cool-down and the corrosive explosion.

I just started using this pet instead of the jabber and noticed this immediately. The pet seems to just warp to you instead of pathing around objects or stairs but when it warps it triggers the corrosive explosion which damages me and my vehicle or whatever is near it. Is this a bug? I mean a bug other than the Spiderant being a bug. lol.

So this keeps happening and is really annoying. The spiderant “spawns” next to my vehicle in a cloud corrosion and literally blows up my vehicle constantly…leaving me with no vehicle. It actually doesn’t seem to damage me like I mentioned before…I think it just damages my vehicle. I hope this is a bug that will get fixed because it’s really annoying.