Spiderants reflecting bullets

So my friends and I have been playing BL2 again and all of the sudden we are noticing Projectile reflection off Spiderant. It seems when you hit there Carapace from an angle or on its edge the pellets fired are reflected. My friend on his commando has killed himself with a Harold a few times due to the reflection coming back at him. The same has happened to me with Slagga reflecting my bullets and slagging me.
To our knowledge this was never a thing before the recent update. Please correct me if I’m wrong.


Which spiderants? I’ve definitely seen bullets bouncing off of gyros when they’re rolling at you, and I think I’ve seen it on the bigger ones like queens, monarchs, and procreators, although I dont think that this happening is in my list of self inflicted respawns.


It’s always been a thing, a pretty annoying thing mind you. :smiley: I’ve noticed it especially with monarchs and gallants (esp gallants because they have armor everywhere.)


Like I seem to remember some manner of deflection but now it seems to act more like straight up reflection. Black queen comes to mind in digistruct. Our Zerker went down 3 times to reflects a couple days ago and he was no where near the dang thing :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s always been a thing sadly, bullet reflection is one of the most tiresome and overdone features in the game IMO.

Interestingly, Spiderants can achieve Bore or Pseudo-Bore procs with reflected bullets. As far as I know it can only happen to something with particular hitboxes - specifically Axton’s turret in this case - but it looked and sounded pretty impressive the few times I’ve seen it.

Edit: Ups, sorry for the necro. Why was this topic on page 1 when it was two months old? Oh well.