Spilt Screen issues FPS & HUD Borderlands 3

Is anybody else having issues with split screen in BL3 on console? The UI in the HUD is so small we don’t know what were doing on missions, just aimlessly running around. Its really difficult to find the other player on the mini map so if they need reviving, they’re toast or if they go too far away the arrow completely dissapears. And we don’t even dare open the menus until we’re both ready to use them because the FPS drops to an unusable amount. It’s such a shame! I really don’t want to sell it but we had the same FPS issue with COD Black Ops 4 and we just couldn’t play it


Yes. It’s terrible. The fonts on HUD and in Echo menu are too small. The Echo interface is a big fat pig that drives the FPS down. The Echo menu itself is sluggish, even in 1-player. Multiple design decisions for the Echo interface makes managing my gun inventory difficult and slow. Managing inventory is half the game! Yo, GB, fix it!


The fps issue caused by the menu is rediculous and unacceptable.


It’s sucks so much! I was so excited for the release, we played it for a few hours on the Friday and haven’t touched it since. I really hope at least the FPS is fixed. I can deal with walking up to the TV to read the mission brief …