Spin to Win Rath needs to end

Barely a counter to it. Silenced and popped into the air with a speed increase loadout and it’s game over.

Before anyone says “quick melee”, any competent Rath doesn’t care and powers through, and add a Miko and it’s gameover. Or even “Rath has no escape” or “melee is already disadvantaged”… most games are played in melee range to begin with.

Add a counter to these type of skills, add some skill back into using Rath.

Uhh, just hit him with quick melee, it knocks him away rendering his ult useless.

I said quick melee

Uhh, quick melee does not work when you are stunned/silenced against Rath.

There are already plenty of other topics discussing the state of Rath. You should look to post in one of the existing threads rather than making another.

There are many threads already on this topic

Like I said plenty.