Spiritual driver and artifact combo xb1

I have several Spiritual Drivers to trade along with an Elemental Projector Victory Rush artifact. The artivact has elemental boost +90 and kill a badass victory rush +18 speed and damage, also +16 shock and fire and +27 cryo efficiency. Good sync pairing.
Am looking for cutsman with +100 or +250 phasecast

GT is conch8 on xb1

Anything else you may be looking for?

Ion cannon 2x corrosive with dam annoint, same for shock cannon. recurring hex with damage annointment. Flak mod with plus damage and plus smg, distributor with dam annoint, electric banjo arti. If you don’t have let me know.

I have a few Legendary Fl4k mods, the other stuff nope :confused:

Tell you what, what’s your GT?


check you mail, cheers

Thanks a lot.

That’s a good one, enjoy.