Spiritual Driver and builds

So I have one, or two or three now and want to make some builds.

Anyone have any good ones ?

Pure DPS

Melee ?

With the Driver?
Equip it and melt stuff. It’s that easy.

No but seriously, if you want to maximize your damage, run weapons that have a slower travel speed or delayed impacts, think Cutsman, Skeksil, Q System auto tracker, Brainstormer, Recursion, Duc, Shocking AAA, Alchemist, Fearmonger, Deathgrasp or any homing tedoire. Equip a Elemental Projector, match your element to your main dps weapon element, use your action skil, shoot and then run like hell. I normally run circles around everything while firing. I also dont run a transformer or stop gap, I use purple shields with ASE 50% elemental damage and run the same for my grenade. Just make sure they are different elements.
Also, for the build, I’ve found that speccing all the way to forceful expression and then all the way to guardian angel have netted me the best results when using the driver. I completely ignore the blue tree.
Hope you have fun melting stuff with that driver. Playing Amara reminds me of Speed with Keanu Reeves. Can’t let her get below 55 mph…

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Isnt the stack of rush what I want though?

I went all the way down the green, used the dragon com and brawler shield and just have a meele based build but use the driver com and its fun

Will play with the red tree and see.


Oh, for sure you can run almost anything with the Driver, it’s that good. However, skipping the elemental tree (red tree) feels to me like you are losing out on a ton of DOT longevity, damage from Temptest that is multiplicative, mag size, survivability with sustainment and DPS with indiscriminate and forceful expression.
A lot of players will use Fakegrasp and the driver to literally melt things but you can still use Ties that Bind and destroy because your cooldown will be under 10 seconds with all your bonus stats and still proc ASE annointments to last

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I run it with majority red and green trees down to Guardian Angel and Forceful Expression, once we get the level cap boost to dive into the blue tree it’ll really start to wreck once I can augment more additional affects to use with Ties That Bind. Given the cooldown boosts from Guardian Rank, relic and on the Driver mod itself I don’t even need to Fakegrasp, honestly.

I do want to try and test it with a melee-hybrid build around the Face-Puncher with a White Elephant, but I haven’t gotten Graveward to drop a Brawler Ward with a 200% melee damage boost after Phaseslam yet. I’m not entirely sure a 100% melee build is viable with it though, the Driver only boosts gun damage and comparatively, even using a Breaker with 2/1 in Find Your Center and a Buttplug for double damage from behind, it still falls short of the Driver’s damage potential at 6/3 Mindfulness and an Elemental Projector.