Spiritual driver build

I was looking at the speedy spiritual driver build for Amara and I was wondering, can you leave her element on shock and use the transformer shield. Do you still get the benefits without taking the self inflicted damage?

No. Unless ur shield and nade have 50% bonus dmg after action skill. Can be even shock i believe. Was testing yesterday. Don’t really understand if it’s intentional game mechanic or not, but it works.

@justinmalin77 I am not the biggest Amara player but I have played her enough to know that you 100% can wear the Transformer, use the Driver COM and shock as your action skill element, use your action skill and then apply a shock DOT to yourself, while also both refilling your shield due to the shock damage and also proc’ing Mindfulness with the same shock DOT that supposedly was absorbed by the Transformer. Yes, this seems like a weird interaction.

I am not 100% certain if you can do all of the above AND also wear an elemental projector to increase elemental damage even further. I have not tested it on the target dummy but you easily could test it that way. I am pretty certain the Elemental Projector works to apply bonus damage in the above scenario I presented.

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Ye, even with a tediore build. If you have a shock anoint on either shield or grenade. You will kill your self even if you’re using transformer shield.

So is this because of the elemental projector boosting the self-DOT from the Spiritual Driver?

EDIT: I have always run the Driver with radiation and either corrosion or fire as my anointments and never tried shock anointment on my Amara, so this is a genuine question.

I use Amara with Shock and transformer with spiritual driver and elemental projector myself. You will DOT shock to yourself, the transformer will stop it damaging you BUT the DOT won’t refill your shield. I was hoping for perpetual healing when I made it but at least you don’t take damage. Unless you have the skill with chance to apply another element with DOT, that affects you as well so I turned it off for that build.

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Oh and ASE shock won’t damage you either. Before I hit Wotan I go ASE shock and corrosive on shield and grenade and can’t self damage still.

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So i can’t boost my shock damage with elemental projector if I’m running transformer?

Yeah you absolutely can, I use it for Wotan.

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What’s your build look like?

Wait, Conflux applies DOT to you as well?

Yup, when I first played with builds I self damaged sometimes, and it turned out it was my skill. Took it out of build and it stopped.