Spiritual driver for trade

Looking for a kill o the wisp with ase elemental anoint or a transformer with ase elemental anoint

Shotty damage by any chance?

No it has

10% atlas weapon damage
45% Jakobs weapon critical damage
23% cov weapon fire rate

Darn… I’ll check to see if I have an annointed wisp.

Alright thanks

A Driver with shotgun damage would be nice with that wisp eh.

That would be pretty good, I dont play Amara though lol, I just got the mod while farming laser sploders

OK… Ya I’d love one with the shotgun damage. Who are you running?

Flak, working on moze also

I had a kill o the wisp that I dropped before quitting, i thought i dropped the trevanator i had, i hate that gun but kill o the wisp i really enjoy

Darn again… I just gave away some nice Flak cm’s. Farming Rampager at the moment. Has been dropping some decent gear.

Trying to get this transformer from killavolt, hes not dropping anything really

Ya… I seem to have better luck with GW or Rampager.
I’ll check the wisp. I can send it anyway. At least you will have one.

Oh thanks man, my psn is zodiac 1226

Got it.

Can’t find ya.
PIKE2564 is mine.
Only one I have that is decent is a Siren annointment.

Just sent the request

I accidentally added a space in my name