Spiritual Driver melee hybrid build?

Is there a good melee hybrid build for the mod or is it best just used with close range elemental shotguns with an elemental projector?

You could use a similar build that I used with the breaker COM. You just have to get Illuminated Fist, Find your Center, and Cross Jab. A melee build would use the Dragon relic instead of the elemental projector, though.

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Thanks, I’ll have a look into it.

From the video above, the bombs from the white elephant relic are also boosted by the sprirtual driver’s damage so I would consider using it aswell, especially because you can attach them and then run around to maximize damage.


Looks interesting. I have all the pieces to try that out, just not with anointments yet.

I found out a few days ago that the Spiritual Driver COM also buffs melee damage and DOT damage, making it superior to the Breaker COM for melee builds. And the faster you run, the more damage they all do. There’s no way wearing a Breaker COM would allow you to do this:

This will get fixed for sure. It clearly states Gun Damage Bonus on the card.

Looks like it has just been fixed with today’s hotfixes.

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