Spiritual driver mod ps4

If anybody has a driver mod level 50 to trade I have a number of legendaries for free or trade

I have one . Do you have a radiation shrieking devil?

I just picked up one but its NOT anointed, you can have it if you like. I’m farming banshee and if an anointed one drops I’ll let you know

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ok thanks. For the op, I ll trade you for loaded dices relic with launcher damage and extended mag

That would be great if you still have it

Nope not as yet but if I do get one I’ll give ya heads up

Ice T gave me one. Do you have relics loaded dice with launcher dmg and mag size? or others relics with life regen,launcher dmg and mag size

Nope sorry but I’ll keep you informed as I’m farming all week

Ice-T is a hellluva guy. Been trading back and forth with him for a few weeks now.

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