Splash Attack Moze Build

This is my Splash Attack Moze Build for LVL 65 M10. In this video you see gameplay and i go over items/gear. any questions or feedback is welcome

Skill Tree:

Shield of Retribution:
Armored Infantry - 5/5
Drowning In Brass - 5/5
Vladof Ingenuity - 5/5
Full Can Of Whoop Ass - 1/1
Desperate Measures - 3/3

Bottomless Mags (Green Tree):
Cloud of Lead - 5/5
Redistribution - 1/1
Scrappy - 5/5
Rushin Offensive - 1/1
Scorching RPMs - 4/5
The Iron Bank - 1/5
Specialist Bear - 1/1

Demolition Woman (Blue Tree):
Fire In The Skags Den - 5/5
Deadlines - 3/3
Means of Destruction - 3/3
Torgue Cross Promotion - 5/5
Stainless Steel Bear - 5/5
Auto Bear - 1/1
Why Cant i Carry All these Grenades - 2/3
Short Fuse - 1/1


Prompt Critical (DLC 4 Pistol)
Flipper (DLC 3 SMG)
Sickle (Prefix Boom Sickle)
Tiggs Boom
Fearmonger (Bloody Harvest event weapon)
and more (basically any weapon that deals spalsh damage. this build allows you to use the trevonator for mobbing again)

ASE - Splash Damage and Weapon Damage
After Exiting Iron Bear Next 2 Mags Deal Elemental Damage
Consecutive hits
Killing - after killing an enemy gain weapon damage for 20- 25 seconds. this effect stacks

Blast Master
Bloodletter (with splash damage rolled on it)
Flare (DLC 4 COM)

Rolls to go for on COMs are:
Splash Damage
Action Skill Damage
Weapon Damage
Heavy Weapon Damage
Charge Speed
Splash Damage Radius

Plus Ultra

Players Choice

I’m interested, but would like a brief text description of the build if you would. Most builds are focused around a single weapon/skill/anointment/COM or whatever interaction, and the rest is just window dressing, so a simple, “Leech + Redistribution = tank” is all I need.

Seriously - bonus points for the Cliff’s Notes version… builds are described like online recipes sometimes, and I don’t want to wade through a four-page description if I don’t need to. If your build has Dakka Bear, but this has nothing to do with the nuances of the build, it doesn’t need to be mentioned. If the cookie recipe comes from your aunt Edna, I don’t care: just need to know the butter/sugar ratio.


i will be adding details of the build in the next few days. ive been requested to fill that information in on other posts as well because some people do not watch build videos by preference. thanks for the feedback. have a good day or night